Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter – Tragic Hero or Merely

Tragic? Scarlet Letter essaysArthur: Tragic Hero or Merely Tragic? In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s torrid tale of The Scarlet Letter, Arthur Dimmesdale, a main character, is confronted with a number of circumstances, both in and out of his control, that lead to his ultimate demise. While it can be argued that Arthur is a tragic hero, he […]

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Modern Hero versus Tragic Hero

In drama and film, a hero is the person without whom the plot of the story will lack direction. The storyline revolves around the hero, and other characters help the artist to derive the traits that he intended to bring out about the hero. Therefore, in every movie or play, the hero is an indispensable […]

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Death of a Salesman

According to Shakespeare, a tragic hero is not an ordinary man; he is a man at the zenith of society with greatness upon him. Concurring with this idea, critic Northrop Frye defines tragic heroes as someone that acquires inevitable power; however, catastrophes are more likely to occur to great trees, people with great power, than […]

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King Lear and Antigone as Tragic Hero

Aristotle defines a tragic hero as someone, usually a male, who “falls from a high place mainly due to their fatal flaw. ” During the highest point of the tragic hero’s life, something is revealed to the protagonist causing a reversal in their fortune. This reversal of fortune is caused by the flaw in their […]

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