Spanish traditional dances

Traditional Dances of spain Sevillanas Sevillanas is believed to be an old Castilian folk dance. It is a very popular dance for couples of all ages. You will see it danced frequently by Women wearing a long dress with frills, normally it has short-sleeves and it is two-coloured like a green dress with white frills. […]

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Popular and the Traditional Culture

The tradition to respect and observe the beliefs of a certain culture are instilled in us through the parental institution and parenting method. The dynamics that are connected to the belief that there is life after death is emotionally logical. Not many societies would deny that there are cases of ghosts in their history. Each […]

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Traditional Family vs

Introduction The society is a very dynamic entity, which keeps on changing with time. Societal values keep on changing, and people in the society have to change to adapt to the new order. Therefore, it is natural to leave behind the trends that guided people in the past and to learn to live in accordance […]

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African Traditional Institutions

As the second largest continent in the Earth, Africa may best be described as a land of diversity (Stock et al 2009).  Comprising 53 African countries, it is safe to assume that the continent is no stranger to fragmentation.  This fragmentation has greatly influenced the governance, economic development and culture of Africa.  Despite the colonial […]

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How does Advertising sell traditional gender roles

Advertising is the mirror of the modern world. Sometimes you see an ugly figure and sometimes a beautiful one; the image keeps changing with the changing occurrences, culture, people and society providing ‘excitements and allure’ (Nicholl, 1978) and vehement criticisms.

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