Free trade vs. Protectionism

Free Trade vs. Protectionism One of the greatest international economic debates of all time has been the issue of free trade versus protectionism. Proponents of free trade believe in opening the global market, with as few restrictions on trade as possible. Proponents of protectionism believe in concentrating on the welfare of the domestic economy by […]

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Can Environmental Protection and Free Trade Coexis

tAn important issue in the international relations of the twentieth century involves whether or not free trade and environmental protection can coexist. The goal of a free trade economy is to increase the global economy, while environmental protectors try to find ways of reversing some of the negative effects that humans have inflicted upon the […]

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2.0 Definition – What is Counter trade?

Ms2.0Definition – What is Counter trade? 3.0Brief Historical Background of Countertrade. 6.0The advantages and disadvantages of Countertrade. 7.0Countertrade: The African Perspective. 9.0The Emergence of New intermediaries. Despite political and economic reforms in many developing countries, countertrade promises to be a significant tool for consummating international transactions. It is unlikely that these countries will find all […]

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Oregon Fur Trade

The Oregon Fur Trade In 1808 Simon Fraser, employed by the Northwest Company, made his way across the Rockies and came down what is known now as the Fraser River to the Columbia. The next to come along was David Thompson, who was also employed by the Northwest Company. He too crossed the Rockies and […]

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The African Slave Trade

The African Slave Trade is a history book written by Basil Davidson talking about pre-colonial slave trade in Africa. In this book, Basil addresses the way Africans were sold to Europeans by the African chiefs to be taken to the New World. This trade was common in the West and Central parts of Africa. Europeans […]

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International Trade Analysis

There are significant advantages and disadvantages that are associated with international trade. FedEx happens to a statistic of both advantages and disadvantages as illustrated below. Some of the advantages that International trade has laid upon FedEx are illustrated by increasing the market competitiveness of the corporation. With increase in sales, there is a corresponding increase […]

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Free Trade Doesn’t Work

Ian Fletcher, in his book “Free Trade Doesn’t Work” carefully takes apart one of economics most deep-seated beliefs, that free trade that was founded on the basis of relative benefit is desirable or good for everyone, universally and every time. “Free Trade Doesn’t Work” is a reachable and easy-to-comprehend book about trade economics. It is […]

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The Impact of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Africa experienced four slave trades: the trans-Saharan, Red Sea, Indian Ocean and lastly the largest and most famous of them all the Trans – Atlantic slave trade whose impact is still felt to this very day. Demographic impact Millions of able-bodied Strong, young people were ferried from West Africa, Central Africa, and Eastern Africa to […]

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The Atlantic Slave Trade and Colonization

In the 1950’s Liverpool was the primary slave trade center in England. Several prominent people had involved themselves in this trade. These were among others, councilors and mayors. The names of the streets in the city are one of the greatest landmarks of the slave trade in Liverpool. This are names such as Maryland, Jamaica […]

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International trade with WTO and AFTA

Participation in WTO, APEC and ASEAN, free trade arrangements, multilateral and bilateral negotiations and export promotion and strategies have been used as Malaysia’s international trade policy mechanism to develop and promote trade. WTO is the sole international organization dealing with multilaterally agreed rules on trade among its member countries. Through WTO agreements, which spell out […]

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