Toy Shop Visit

A department store which included a toy section was visited to examine how toys were marketed towards young boys and girls are differentiated. The packaging of the toys was looked at very carefully, to try to identify whether or not the marketers targeted a specific gender. This involved, however, subjectivity influenced by our own preconceived […]

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The American Barbie Doll

Throughout history, women have been used in advertising to illustrate the ideal image of how women should look in society. Magazine ads and television shows portray women being skinny, giving women the Idea they have to have a “model” like look. In our society we see ‘beautiful’ as thin. “93% of all women and girls […]

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Yesterday’s Toys Versus Today’s Toys

Toys have always been around through the centuries of humankind, and I believe that yesterday’s toys taught children to use their imagination, taught child patience, and social skills. First, to begin with, let us look at yesterday’s toys, when children played with Lego Building Blocks, when they were just building blocks. Children used their imaginations […]

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Waterbee Toy Company Case

Waterbee Toy Company began designing and manufacturing wooden water toys in 1906. By the late 1990’s Waterbee had evolved its wooden toy business into other categories such as action figures, musical instruments and even electronics. Waterbee had recently seen sales grow very quickly but staffing levels had actually decreased by nearly 50%. This meant employees […]

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Design a Toy

The child will use the “Shape Master” to learn different shapes and will learn it through the words and images that the toy shall produce. The toy is a 12″ x 10″ screen which is activated by touch. As a button starts up the toy, it lights up with a sound that says “Shapes! ” […]

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