The Art Of Torture

Going by the title of this paper you are probably asking yourself How in Gods name can torture be seen as an art, were these people mentally ill? well it was, but I talk about that later, let me tell you a little about the history of torture. Torture has been around since the times […]

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Torture – College Essay

Torture is one of the most barbaric acts of state repression, and it constitutes a direct and deliberate attack on the core of the human personality. Like slavery, it is an expression of the almost unlimited power of one individual over another. In the case of slavery, the human being is degraded to the condition […]

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The Case of Torture

Torture, can be described as a situation where an individual is subjected to suffering or pain, this can either be physically or mentally inflicted. It can be conducted for the purpose of coercion, punishment for a acts one has committed, or can be used as a tool to get information through a confession. In the […]

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Is Torture Ever Justifiable

Torture, according to the United Nations Convention against Torture, is: “any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him, or a third person, information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed […]

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Enhanced Interrogation Techniques

Interrogation (also known as interpellation or questioning) is referred as interviewing. This activity is often executed by officers of military, police and intelligence agencies. The main objective of this questioning is to obtain the important information or extracting the declaration from the terrorist. It is often observed that, the areas of interrogation may include witnesses, […]

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Compaire and Contrast of Torture

At some point everyone has heard of torture. It could have been in a movie or on the news, but they have heard of it. In this day and age, people would like to have believed it was all behind us in the past. Then 9/11 happened, everyone’s lives were changed with one simple act […]

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Does Torture Work

Taxi to the Dark Side (Alex Gibney 2007) accuse of what was going on behind the curtain in Abu Ghraib. Dilawar, the innocent taxi driver who took 3 passengers for a taxi ride, has been under detention with harsh torture under the purpose of getting information, and died. The military police Thomas Curtis, who was […]

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Torture – College Essay

Torture is defined as an “intentional infliction of pain to kill, punish intimidate or gather information. ”(Axelrod & Cooper 265). From the early civilizations of the Romans, Greeks and even in some early western civilizations, torture was willfully practiced to forcefully gather military information. Among the Romans, such instances involved not the torture aimed at […]

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Torture in Society

With the current trends in global terrorism and counter terrorism movements, one word which is inescapable is torture. Its likely use, effects and its moral grounding have come into increased scrutiny and have gained more prominence in world news in the recent past. This is after the September 11th attack on America and the subsequent […]

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Torture in CIA

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was long been believed to use different types of tortures to administer to prisoners or allegedly terrorist during interrogations. According to different news agencies such as ABC news, the CIA is actually using harsh or even brutal interrogations techniques. This kind of technique can be regarded by some as torture.

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