Throughout time, great minds have produced ideas t

hat have changed the world we live in. Similarly, in the Victorian times, Charles Darwin fathomed ideas that altered the way we look at ourselves and fellow creatures. By chance, Darwin met and learned of certain individuals who opened doors that laid the foundation for his theories which shook the world. Darwin’s initial direction in […]

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1. When I do count the clock that tells the time,

122. And see the brave day sunk in hideous night; 3. When I behold the violet past prime, 4. And sable curls, all silvered o’er with white; 5. When lofty trees I see barren of leaves, 6. Which erst from heat did canopy the herd, 7. And summer’s green all girded up in sheaves, 8. […]

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Moving place to place all the time sucks.

From a very young age I will always remember moving around a lot. My father worked for Union Pacific and my mother was a housewife. My family lived in one house for a maximum of about three years. When my parents decided to get divorced, the moving increased. Ive learned one thing from being dragged […]

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One of the greatest female authors of all time, Vi

rginia Woolf, produced a body of writing respected worldwide. Driven by uncontrollable circumstances and internal conflict, her life was cut short by suicide. Her role in feminism, along with the personal relationships in her life, influenced her literary works. Virginia’s relationships throughout her life contributed, not only to her literature, but the quality of her […]

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College: Time To Finally shed My Skin

College: Time To Finally “shed My Skin”College is the greatest opportunity in the world. Where else would I be able to study what I want to study, rather than what I am made to study? Nothing sounds better to me than going to school everyday and learning about subjects and issues than I am realy […]

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Time Period in The Great Gatsby by F

Introduction F. Scott Fitzgerald is the American novelist, who wrote several fascinating works including The Great Gatsby, The Tender Night, This Side of Paradise, and The Beautiful and Damned. This paper focuses on The Great Gatsby, which is one of the most significant novels written by F. Scott Fitzgerald during his years. The novel is […]

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“In the Time of Butterflies by Julia Alvarez”

People in the modern world at time tend to ignore or not to care about the past, this is a mistake made by many as you cannot move forward without knowing where you are coming from. In the book In the Time of the Butterflies, Julia Alvarez puts her effort in articulating the proper attitudes […]

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What Is Time

Time is an intellectual concept that enables humans to compare sequences and events. Time is said to be eternal. It is said that it has neither a beginning nor an end. Yet men are able to measure it as years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. They have also given meanings to the words – […]

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Time Management in Life

Well, time management is important because it helps you prioritize your work. Once you have a list of things you need to tackle, you need to see what you should do first. What are those that are important and time sensitive. That way, you set out to do those first. The other reason why time […]

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Punctuality in the academic domain is etiquette as it is a habit of doing things on a timely manner, keeping in mind the importance of time. Students ought to be punctual since it is the key to success. One of the causes of punctuality is procrastination, which is the lack of seriousness on the partial […]

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