Short essay examples

What if I have a time machine

A time machine for me is not a realistic dream because it is only happened in movies and bed time story. But what would people do when they have a time machine that magically appeared for them to use in their life? Most of them would try to go back to their past and stop […]

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The Time Machine : Hg Wells

The Time Traveller – The Time Traveller’s name is never given. Apparently the narrator wants to protect his identity. The Time Traveller is an inventor. He likes to speculate on the future and the underlying structures of what he observes. His house is in Richmond, a suburb of London. The Narrator – The narrator, Mr. […]

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Time Travel Theory Informative for Speech

Have you ever wanted to go back in time, and change the course of history, maybe for yourself or even the history written in your history books? Ever since I saw the movie Back to the Future when I was a little, I was fascinated by the concept of time travel. Time travel is the […]

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