Theology by John Caputo

John D. Caputo is one of the leading philosophers whose work is mainly focused on hermeneutics, phenomenology, deconstruction and theology. This is one of the reasons that make Caputo hybrid philosophers whose work is aimed at producing impure thoughts regarding philosophy and theology. This is going by the fact that there is no clear cut […]

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What does Barth mean by the ‘humanity of God’

When Barth discusses the humanity of God he is referring to the relationship that he believed God shared with man. It was his assertion that God communicated directly with man and as a result of his ‘free grace’1 he ‘wills to be nothing other than the God of man’2. The God that Barth discusses is […]

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God, Moral Right and Free Will

The real support of this argument lies in the last three premises. According to the definition of the term omniscience set by theism, God has an absolute (past, present, future and unknown) knowledge of all matters. Omniscience in concurrence with the assertion that God attributed free will to man presents a contradiction. For if one […]

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Old Testament Theology

This book takes a blended methodology to progress through it’s study. There are six different authors who systematical progress with a traditional Biblical Theology approach to understand and relate the scriptures intertextually. They progress in their understanding of the chronology of the Old Testament. The authors perceptions of the accounts and experiences of the writers […]

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Female power and victimhood in Genesis

A major problem encountered by feminist scholars seeking to ‘redeem’ the Hebrew scriptures from both their undeniable internal patriarchal bias, and the way in which they have been used as tools of continuing patriarchy, is the apparent lack of acknowledgement within the texts themselves of the oppression of women in the societies they are depicting. […]

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Pentecostal Theology and the Christian Spiritual Tradition

Excessive prolixity serves miniscule purpose save to exacerbate misconceptions, enforce intransigence, and obfuscate that which is veracious, with the net effect of diminishing spiritual spizzerinctum. I thought that was what Dr. Simon Chan was saying in his book Pentecostal Theology and the Christian Spiritual Tradition until I read completely through his introduction. There on page […]

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Assess the theological influences on the development of John Wesley’s thought

“Wesley was himself an eclectic theologian, weaving from the diverse sources of the Christian tradition a theology and practice appropriate to his own situation”. 1 His theology drew on four sources of authority 2, in that he saw the essence of Christian life as being revealed in Scripture, illuminated by tradition, vivified in personal experience […]

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Irenaen Theodicy cannot justify the existence of evil

Going solely off what Irenaeus states in his theodicy does justify the existence of evil quite easily for somebody that is already a religious follower and needs to have his or her faith reaffirmed, however you would need to ignore a few glaring flaws in his argument for why God allows evil if you are […]

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Reasoned arguments cannot account for the amount of evil in the world

The problem of evil has troubled theologians, especially Christian theologians, for centuries and many have put forward reasoned arguments, known as theodicies, that reconcile a all-powerful and all-good God with the amount of evil in the world. The two most famous theodicies are proposed by Augustine and Irenaeus. Some people believe that theodicies provide a […]

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How the theodicy of Irenaeus differs from that of Augustine

  The problem of evil and suffering can be the major obstacle between non believers and faith. For these people it is impossible to contemplate a God who chooses to inflict the pain and misery onto the world that is easily apparent. Philosophers have therefore looked for explanations for why an omnipotent, omniscient and benevolent […]

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