Theatre review Three Tall Women

Edward Albee’s Three Tall Women, portrays the life of a woman (A) who overcomes numerous hardships. The entire play is set in the woman’s bedroom and the time is the present. The cast of only five, two of which have no lines, perform the play arena style. Upon coming to see this play, I had […]

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Religious Ceremonies In Theatre

Nicole Jarrell Intro to Theatre Ms. Elizabeth Taheri October 10, 2000 Theatre as a Religious Ceremony “The drama in Greece was inextricably bound up with religious feeling and religious observance.” (Cheney 33) The citizens of the Greek states were the first European communities to raise dramatic performances to the level of an art. Furthermore, the […]

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Theatre in Scotland- an underestimated force

‘The Greeks believed that it was a citizen’s duty to watch a play. It was a kind of work in that it required attention, judgement, patience, all soical virtues.’” Although this is a statement taken from a contemporary English play, this reading of Plato and Aristotle may very well also be applied to Scotland, for […]

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Theatre and its Contribution to US History

Theatre has a strong connection to U. S. history through the different immigrated racial groups in America. There are two in particular that demonstrate the different contributions to theatre and its relation to history; African-Americans and Anglo-Americans. There are many plays in existence that help support the history of each race in America. Through examination […]

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Evaluation of Live Theatre Performance

On the 29th of January we went to the Phoenix Theatre in the West End to watch the matinee performance of ‘Blood Brothers’ by Willy Russell. ‘Blood Brothers’ is the story of a two twins born to a destitute mother, Mrs. Johnston, who is deceived into giving one of the twins to a woman who […]

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What is Theatre

At the beginning of the unit I didn’t really know what theatre was, I suppose I had never really thought about it before, and had just assumed that by theatre people just meant the plays they performed or went to see. Throughout this topic though, I have learnt that its not just being on stage […]

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What is Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a fusion of both music and drama. Musical Theatre derived from a group called the Florentine Camerata, this group was a group of men who decided that they wanted to combine two arts forms, in order to create the art of music. Basically they wanted to tell a story through music. This […]

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The history of Western Theatre

Theatre within human society since the dawn of time has been part of man’s community existence. Long before the first Stone amphitheatre was erected Men had already produced dramatic presentations concerning the prophesising and worship of their gods. Ancient tribes performed “Rain dances” and story told surrounded by their audience, this is thought to be […]

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How does the staging of the original production of Equus

The original production of Equus was directed by John Dexter at the National Theatre in July 1973. Shaffer specifically asked for Dexter to direct the play as he felt that Dexter would inject true inspiration and inventive ideas. Shaffer said that Dexter’s most powerful method of direction was through suggestion. As a writer, Shaffer felt […]

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Roman Theatres

The Romans had theatres like the Greeks. However, different from the Greek theatres (in which only solemn religious played were performed), theatrical performances in Roman theatres became more secular. Theatrical performances were different from other kinds of Roman entertainment, like gladiatorial fights and chariot racing, they had nothing to do with cruelty or bloodshed. Roman […]

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