Globe Theater

“A seventeenth century English theatre in Southwark, London”(). Also known, as an Elizabethan theatre was most notable for the initial and contemptuous productions of the dramatic works of English writers, William Shakespeare, Ben Johnson, Beaumont and Fletcher, and others. “In 1576, a carpenter named James Burbage built the first theatre in England, which he called, […]

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The Globe Theater

The Globe Theater changed the course of English Theater forever. The Globe broke rules of ownership, class standards, and promoted the greatest playwright ever, William Shakespeare. Throughout its history the Globe Theater has produced the best of Shakespeare and his amazing plays and when it was closed London never felt the same. But once again […]

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The History of Globe Theater

Like any historical building, The Globe Theatre is one that holds many stories inside its walls. The story of the Globe Theatre is in the travels and landmarks in time that make the Globe Theatre what it is today in our eyes It had started in Southwark London in 1599. Where an old theatre had […]

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Elizabethan Drama

Thesis Statement: The love of Queen Elizabeth I for arts played a significant role in the development of theater during the 15th century in Europe. It paved the way on the discovery of some of the greatest playwrights of all times and also had a major influence on the lifestyle and thinking of the society […]

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American Drama and Theater

August Wilson’s Fences play describes Troy Maxson as the main character. Moreover, through Troy, it shows how life in a nation full of racism is hard. The Blacks are supposed to do the hard jobs. Leading their families responsibly is thus not an easy task. Blacks thus have to struggle to make their lives better.

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Aeschylus’ Contributions to Theater

Throughout time, people have desired to be entertained.  Entertainment has surfaced in many ways, but one of the first is still popular today.  The theater has been a fascination of all societies for thousands of years.  One man, in particular gave several innovations to drama and the theater, Aeschylus.

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