The merchant of Venice

How Is Xenophobia Expressed in This Play

In the Merchant of Venice written by William Shakespeare, a Christian named Antonio asks to borrow money from the Jewish money-lender shylock. Bassanio is the Christian that asks Antonio to borrow the money from shylock so he could marry the fair, rich, maiden Portia. Jews were treated with racial discrimination by the Christians, simply because […]

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Merchant of Venice Questions Act 4

Before the trial proper begins, what does Antonio say the Duke has already tried to do (4. 1. 1-12)? Antonio says he knows the duke has done all that he can to lawfully counter Shylock’s malicious intentions, and that since nothing else can be done, Antonio will respond to Shylock’s rage “with a quietness of […]

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Shakespeare Analysis: Antonio and Shyloc

In Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, the use of oaths and exchange often help to forge personal bonds. For instance, Bassanio’s marriage to Portia is based off of both characters’ oaths to honor the instructions of Portia’s dead father; the exchange of wedding rings further seals their bond. Similarly, the bond between Shylock and Antonio […]

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Shylock was more sinned upon than he sinned

The merchant of Venice is the most convincing play related to racism in nowadays. William Shakespeare – the most famous writer in the world, originally wrote this play. This play is about love, power and honour and it has been presented between the two wars. The play was thought as a comedy to most Christian; […]

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