My Conception of Hell

Dante Alighieri, in The Divine Comedy, presented Hell as where sinners who did not seek repentance are being punished for their sins commited during their lifetime. He described it as having nine circles, the uppermost being the first level where those who did not believe in Christ but still lived a righteous life are being […]

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Dante’s Divine Comedy Impact on Modern Films

Medieval and early modern figures appealed less universally than the ancients, though each of the great ones had their followings. Dante’s Divine Comedy rises highest in the canon from this period, sufficiently biblical to suggest orthodox earnestness yet humane enough to accommodate the uncertainties of the nineteenth century (Davensport 2004 p. 312). In an age […]

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The problem of the self arises when we realize that others know us differently than we know ourselves, leading us to question what constitutes the self. If my concept of self differs from or contradicts others’ conceptions of me, is there any rational basis for declaring that either of us is right? What would it […]

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