Canterbury Tales

Sir Gawain and The Canterbury Tales

Chaucer’s The Canterbury tales show the thin line between the secular and the spiritual world. The Tales take place as the pilgrims are undertaking a monumental task, pilgrimage to Canterbury. The Summoner travels with his friend the Pardoner; the ridiculous thing is that their words have no correlation with their deeds. For, while the Pardoner […]

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Canterbury Tales

One interesting aspect of Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales is the aspect of point and counterpoint which pervades the stories. Because Chaucer’s intention is to deeply examine the nature of the relationships (primarily erotic) which exist between men and women, his theme is articulated from what may be considered multiple points of view. For example, “The […]

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The Canterbury Tales: the Question of Morality

One of the Canterbury Tales which refers to the question of morality is “The Pardoner” as the Chasseur highlights such human evils as greediness, hypocrisy and corruption. The story shows that the Pardoner is as corrupt as other representatives of his profession and, moreover, his hypocrisy combined with frankness impresses greatly as well. On the […]

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