Textile industry

Cotton Textiles In Preston

Preston was ruled by the textile industry. I can tell this by the picture of Preston skyline. Factory chimdys and the odd church dominated the skyline. Overall I could see that there were roughly 22 – 24 factory chimdys. The picture was taken by penwortham hill in 1990. If I were to go there now […]

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Internal Communication Tools in Textile Industry

Internal communication is an “essential element in business mix” (Mounter & Smith, 2008). The effective channels of communicating with employees and supervisors are significant in realizing the business goals and establishing a harmonious work environment. It may be linked with ‘change management’, ‘transformation’ or ‘reputation management’ (Quirke, 2008). The paper will making comparisons among different […]

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Aurora Textile Company

1. List the factors affecting the textile industry. What do you think is the state of the industry in the United States? How should you incorporate the state of the textile industry into your analysis? Why should anyone invest money in the industry? 2. How has Aurora Textile performed over the past four years? Be […]

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Debate of Fiber

The Central Silk Technological Research Institute in Bangalore, India has been successful in the development of silk denim, giving a new dimension to both denim and silk segments of the textile industry (Kotrannavar, Rao, Srikant, Bhat, & Somashekar). The interesting features of silk denim garments include softness, lightweight, comfortable to wear in all the seasons, […]

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