What are the issues on the agenda of big-city governments in Texas

The city of Dallas employs a council manager form of government with fourteen council representatives. The city manager currently Mary Suhm City is the chief executive officer while the mayor is Mike Rawlings. The city council is thus composed of sixteen members with the mayor and city manager being ex officio members. The members are […]

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Real Estate Industry in Houston, Texas

Houston is part of the US state that had no inhabitants initially with first being visited by Spanish explorers and missionaries. The area was dotted by marshes and bayous and a malaria invested zone. Ownership of the land bought disputes that turned to war between the former Americans, calling themselves Texicans and dictates from Mexico […]

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Voting ID Law in Texas

Recently a voter id law has been swore into the state of Texas this law would mandate in order to vote you must present a photo id before you are allowed to vote. A big controversial over this bill has began deciding if it’s a scheme for the republicans to gain more votes or to […]

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Death Penalty in Texas

The death penalty is one of the punishments that may be rendered to a person who is found guilty of a capital felony in Texas. A criminal act would qualify as punishable by death there is a need to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the person intentionally and knowingly opted t committing a heinous murder […]

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Compare and Contrast Texas Constitution and New Hampshire Constitution

The constitution is the fundamental principles of law that the state’s law system is base on. Regardless of where it was created, New Hampshire or Texas, the constitution always went through different processes of drafting, revising, and amending several times over the courses of history to result in the modern constitution as people look at […]

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