Test The Air Quality In Your Home – With Allergen Alert

According to the EPA: “Americans spend up to 90% of their time indoors. Therefore, indoor allergens and irritants can play a significant role in triggering asthma attacks. It is important to recognize potential asthma triggers in the indoor environment and reduce your exposure to those triggers.” Even if you, or a family member, do not […]

Self-Discipline Gives Girls the Edge

The authors of this article discuss how gender differences affect grades, standardized tests, and IQ tests. Girls earn higher grades on report cards than boys, but usually boys score higher on IQ tests. The study performed by the authors compared girls with boys on different types of assessments and self-discipline. Throughout children’s’ academic careers boy […]

Profiling Personality

The personality profiling test was based on the typological approach to understanding personality as proposed by Carl Jung and Isabel Myers-Briggs. The result of the personality profiling test seeks to sum up an individual’s personality in four defining words. Overall, the experience of accomplishing the assessment test was straightforward than what I have expected in […]

Predictive Validity of Achievement Tests

There are several tests that are used by counselors to predict the success of individuals. The tests range from projective personality testing, individual intellectual assessment, achievement tests and many others. Achievement tests which deal with the assessment of the skills, knowledge and accomplishments in an area of interest levels is the most used kind of […]

Role Of Criterion Referenced Tests And Norm

According to Van der Linden (1982), the rise of new learning strategies has changed the meaning of measurement in education and made new demands on the construction, scoring, and analysis of educational tests. Educational measurements satisfying these demands are usually called criterion-referenced, while traditional measurements are often known as norm-referenced. Thus, educational tests can be […]

Standardized testing: What’s wrong with this picture

Rough Draft Persuasive Paper Standardized testing: What’s wrong with this picture? The ACT: this particular standardized test has many connotations, and few of them are positive ones. When one thinks of the ACT, or American College Testing, feelings of nervousness, pressure to perform well, and the words “rigged,” “biased,” and “tricky” often come to mind. […]

Cambridge Proficiency Test

CPE (The Certificate of Proficiency in English) is considered to be the Cambridge ESOL exam of the highest level. The Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages usually refers to it as an advance general English exam, at level C2. The certificate, candidates get after passing the tests successfully, acknowledges that he/she […]

Assessment tools

Specific Strategies for Gross Motor Assessment There are several reasons for assessing the gross motor competence of young children. The identification of a discrepancy between age-expected performance and actual performance is the first step in determining whether intervention is necessary and is imperative if services are sought under early intervention and preschool legislation. However, the […]

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