Literary Terms

NICK CARRAWAY has a special place in this novel. He is not just one character among several, it is through his eyes and ears that we form our opinions of the other characters. Often, readers of this novel confuse Nick’s stance towards those characters and the world he describes with those of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s […]

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Management Terms Communication

1. Phone Etiquette Phone etiquette is a matter of personal responsibility on the part of the user. Mobile phones have ensured more freedom for the user, but this freedom also comes with accountability. If the user feels that using the phone is more important than attending to the customers, then that will determine the nature […]

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Management Terms

Managing workforce diversity involves taking a closer look at the difference within the people in an organization regarding their ages, gender, ethnic backgrounds, and disabilities of different kinds and the different sexual orientation of the teams. This requires a leader or a manger to handle the individual differently because the uniqueness of each individual determines […]

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Baba and Nyonya – Cultural Anthropology

Peranakan Chinese and Baba-Nyonya are terms used for the descendants of late 15th and 16th-century Chinese immigrants to the Indonesian archipelago of Nusantara during the Colonial era. Members of this community in Melaka address themselves as “Nyonya Baba” instead of “Baba-Nyonya”. Nyonya is the term for the ladies and Baba for the gentlemen. It applies […]

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Fear of Failure

The terms “fear” and “failure” mean two completely different things. Fear refers to an unpleasant or distressing emotion which may cause a feeling of dread while the term failure refers to a lack of success. If these terms were combined together we would pronounce it as “fear of failure” which gives us a whole new […]

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Conversion is the acceptance of a religious character, which generally involves a genuine affirmation of the belief system.  Conversion may involve embracing a specific religion, or a specific sect within the same religion. Repentance is the act of asking for God’s forgiveness for committing a sin.  It is considered as a gift given by God, […]

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Proletariat – This is the working class, which depends on regular or casual employment for its living. People in this social stratum do not possess capital or property and are mainly engaged in selling their labor to survive (proletariat). This class includes not only those engaged in manual labor but also white-collar workers. People who […]

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Kingdom of God

“The Kingdom of God is basically the rule of God. It is God’s reign, the divine sovereignty in action. God’s reign, however, is manifested in several realms and the Gospels speak of entering into the Kingdom of God both today and tomorrow.

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