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The representation of men and women in episode of Fresh Prince

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a teen sitcom, which uses misunderstanding and misinterpretation to the comical aspects of the show. The central situation of Fresh Prince Of Bel- Air is Will, the nephew, has moved from living a street life in the city of Philadelphia to living with his rich uncle and aunt, Phil and […]

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How does the interaction of strangers change through a complete episode of Come Dine Wirth Me

During this episode of ‘Come Dine With Me’, series 24- episode 19, Cara-Anne, Ben, Jessica and Derek start as four strangers. The interaction changes as they start to discover what each other are really like and become familiar with one another. Throughout the episode, some of the contestants get on well, whereas some have disagreements […]

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Black Adder Goes Forth

In this essay I am going to write about the final episode of black adder goes forth, how it follows the conventions of sitcom, also how it differs from what we expect. In this episode black adder tries his best not to go over the top, but it does not work, near the end; the […]

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The IT Crowd Review

Graham Lineham, the co-creator of Father Ted and Black Books, has written a new sitcom series, The IT Crowd, shown on Channel 4 on Friday. Directed by Ben Fuller (Dead Ringers) produced by Ash Atalla (The Office), this sitcom is the most bizarre satire of office dramas but one that attracts a lot of viewers. […]

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Doctor Who

Due to the advances in technology, mass communication products have been used as an entertainment mechanism which has thrived the 21st century. This consists of daily items such as televisions, radios and other communication items. The basic concept of entertainment is to enjoy the experience together. The BBC enterprise company, has a way of drawing […]

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Dr Who

In this episode of Dr. Who, the Doctor and Amy go to a museum, to a Van Gogh exhibition where they see an evil face in the window of a church Van Gogh painted. They then go back in time, to speak to Van Gogh himself, to interrogate him about his painting. The episode starts […]

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The Big Bang Theory

The big bang theory is a situation comedy. The show conforms to the codes and conventions of situation comedy as its: set in a place where the characters all meet up to be together for example in this show it is set in the apartment of the main characters, it has a set of characters […]

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Twilight Film

The first ever vampire film ‘Nosferatu’ can be traced back to 1922 when an author called F. W. Munarau had a genius idea. He thought he could make a film out of the myths and legends of vampires. Throughout the years now, vampire films have become even more popular with films like Dracula and Underworld. […]

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Dawson’s Creek,

Dawson’s Creek, an American teen drama first broadcast on January 20th 1998 on the Warner Brothers network. In March that year it was broadcast internationally and on Channel 4 in the UK however soon after this it moved to FIVE, possibly because it did not fit in with Channel 4’s values. Dawson’s Creek appealed to […]

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Roswell High

For this assignment I have been looking at Roswell High, which is an imported sci-fi teenage drama that is shown on Sky One. The show is on Sky One because it also shows mainly imported American shows aimed at the younger audiences. The opening sequence is fifty seconds long and can be split up into […]

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