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Bharti Enterprises

Indian telecommunication Industry is one of the fastest growing telecom market in the world. The mobile sector has grown from around 10 million subscribers in 2002 to reach 930 million by early 2012 registering an average growth of above 90%. The two major reasons that have fuelled this growth are low tariffs coupled with falling […]

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Telecommunication Company in Tanzania

Before the liberalization of the telecommunication sector, the telephone communication service was the monopoly of the TTCL, a state-owned company under the Tanzania Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (TPTC). The TTCL held a monopoly in the provision of communication and was also responsible for the regulation of the telecommunication sector. In the context of a wider […]

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Rogers Communications Inc

The Canadian cellular service’s industry is comprised of approximately 15 cellular providers. These operators employ approximately 16,000 individuals and generate more than CAN$10B in revenues annually, which represents almost 30 percent of the Canadian telecommunications market. The Canadian wireless industry has been experiencing an annual growth rate three times that of any other Canadian telecommunications […]

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Telecom Industry

Telecommunication is a sector which includes telephone services, distribution of sounds, images, data or other information via cables, broadcasting, relay or satellite networks [7](Telecom industry report 2006) The telecom industry includes companies which help transmit information for the purposes of communication [4]. Telecom companies are any company that provides devices meant for communication. In many […]

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How to Choose Best Telecom Sector

The telecom industry can quickly change from one year to the next. There can be several years in which it is a safe, reliable investment haven with a dependable customer base and steady, reliable revenue and profit streams; a couple of years later the industry could see an upheaval as it responds to technological innovation, […]

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Telecommunications in Chile and Brazil

Telefonica is a multinational broadband and telecommunications company, that is mainly present in the United States, South America, and Europe. Since its creation in Spain in 1924, Telefonica has grown into the 5th largest mobile network provider in the world. The most prominent services that Telefonica offers include fixed and mobile telephony, Internet services, and […]

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The steps in generic purchasing style

Objective. The objective of this paper is to briefly go through the project life cycle in the telecommunications Industry and also go through a brief description of the steps involved in the generic purchasing style. Key words: Project Management, Project life cycle, SAP (Systems Applications and Products) Introduction Project management refers to the aspect of […]

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The Attractiveness of Telecommunication Industry in 1998 Ireland

The Irish telecommunications industry has been heavily regulated since the 1980s. A state-owned body, Bord Telecom Eireann, being simultaneously the largest employer in the country and the provider of the poorest quality Telecom Systems in Europe, introduced the controls that fundamentally eliminated the competition and created a monopoly. This seemingly new, but propitious industry faced […]

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Entry Strategies for Indian Telecom Companies in African Countries

Mobile telecommunication in most developed countries has reached a saturated stage which makes it highly competitive for the big companies in the industry. Many of these big companies are now looking forward to the developing nations where the industry is still at its growing stage. Africa as a continent is one of those places where […]

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