Technology Transfer

Essay On Service Marketing

A company that sets Its goals and strategies based on what Its current equipment an produce, what products engineering can design, and what the company itself can do best, has a(n) orientation. Marketplace sales market exchange production 3. The marketing concept includes a goal orientation to remind managers that: achieving long-term organizational goals is as […]

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The Role of Science and Technology in National Development

Enhancing national development depends on improving the situation of technical education. Reducing the gap in education reduces individual poverty and encourages economic growth and enhances national development. Problems and Challenges to National Education Policies were also discussed as they relate to difficulty in finding, training and retraining of well qualified science teachers, difficulty In keeping […]

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The impact of technology on sme’s profitability

Despite the Interest In new firm growth, research has found that a limited understanding of the driving mechanisms behind how and when new firms grow (Davidson 2010; Gilbert 2006 McPherson and Holt, 2007; McKenzie and Wicking, 2010). One potential explanation for this limited understanding is the unclear relationship of Seems growth to other tangential phenomena […]

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Technology Viability

Based on meticulous arrest investigation and race by the R&D team for product development, the team was able to strategies a comprehensive approach to increase awareness and constructive cognitive brand retention which assures a market share gain by underlining technology and commercial abilities using firm-related factors, project- related factors, product-related factors and market-related factors. Kinesics […]

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While the term technology itself is difficult to interpret, observe or evaluate, as argued by many scholars, this review attempts to provide in-depth discussion and enhance understanding on these concepts from various perspectives, research background and disciplines. This review could shed some dynamic ideas for future researchers to further identify, conceptualize and understand the underlying […]

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