A company that sets Its goals and strategies based on what Its current equipment an produce, what products engineering can design, and what the company itself can do best, has a(n) orientation. Marketplace sales market exchange production 3. The marketing concept includes a goal orientation to remind managers that: achieving long-term organizational goals is as […]

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Green technology

Change (UNFROCK). But given the substantial progress made ‘n China and India with regard to building innovation capabilities and green industries. How relevant is the UNFROCK model of technology transfer for these countries? How much mileage is left in (the concept of) technology transfer? In order to examine this. The paper seeks insights from three […]

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The Role of Science and Technology in National Development

Enhancing national development depends on improving the situation of technical education. Reducing the gap in education reduces individual poverty and encourages economic growth and enhances national development. Problems and Challenges to National Education Policies were also discussed as they relate to difficulty in finding, training and retraining of well qualified science teachers, difficulty In keeping […]

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The impact of technology on sme’s profitability

Despite the Interest In new firm growth, research has found that a limited understanding of the driving mechanisms behind how and when new firms grow (Davidson 2010; Gilbert 2006 McPherson and Holt, 2007; McKenzie and Wicking, 2010). One potential explanation for this limited understanding is the unclear relationship of Seems growth to other tangential phenomena […]

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Technology Growth

Technology will always be forever (use one or the other, don’t need both words) changing. In the past 20 years we’ve evolved from bricks of a cell phone too less than 1 centimeter thick even though It bends In peoples pockets it’s quite Impressive (run on sentence). In 20 more years Imagine how much more […]

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Tourism Dynamic Packages

In chapter 3, researchers describe the methodology used and demographic factors to collect the data. In chapter 4, researchers show the collection of data. In chapter 5, the data has been analyzed after data has analyzed researchers show them in tables and graphs. In chapter 6, researchers gave conclusion recommendation and limitations of this research […]

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International Technology

The case to be analysed is the Meridian Magnesium: International Technology Transfer. The company has created a new division that is looking forward to implement a concept of Knowledge Management within the all three subsidiaries in the world; however there have been some operational problems that haven’t make it successful as was expected by its […]

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Identify and Evaluate Marketing Opportunities

Primarily, Cotton On operates as a ‘design to retail’ business allowing huge flexibility over the design and timing of product released to the retail outlets. Our mission Is to become the most innovative and responsive brand within our market without compromising the values that have made us what we are today. Cotton on pride themselves […]

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Innovation and Technology in Hong Kong

The TIC supports mainly applied research and development (R&D) and technology transfer and application; fosters an innovation and technology culture in the community; promotes technological entrepreneurship; provides technological infrastructure; facilitates the development of human capital to support innovation and technology; and promotes internationally accepted standards and conformity assessment services. The TIC also works closely with […]

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Impact of technology transfer on growth of biotechnology

Institutes or laboratories usually conduct basic research which enhances the already existing scientific knowledge and can be further exploited for centralization. Modern biotechnological research has a long gestation period. The phase from development stage to centralization stage varies and accordingly the need of Institution or private/public sector varies. The stages Include basic research resulting In […]

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