Technologies on Communication

The use of new technology has been beneficial to the criminal justice systems. Some of the positive effects include the following. Firstly, the capacity to store the data and process large volumes of data has become possible. Thus, the concerned agencies do not need to store the large volumes of data in physical files. Data […]

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Technologies and Strategic Information Systems Plans

Recent advancements in technology have led to significant improvements in virtually all aspects of health care including its quality, extent of impact on people’s lives, safety levels, as well as the opinion of the general public regarding a variety of health issues. Although the implementation of information systems and technologies into health care is a […]

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New Modern Technologies

In a world of increasing numbers and rising complexities that demand creation of physical and virtual proximity, technology remains the only answer. Technology has made the modern times bearable and granted convenience in many occasions. Despite this relief, the twenty first century must look for a different technology, a technology that does not alter the […]

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Mobile Technologies

An information system was set to automate account opening of savings plan policy for CIC insurance. There was a dire need to investigate why a mobile banking system dubbed Mpesa does not have an option of saving money within its services. An outcome for this was that Mpesa services was designed to be a money […]

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Environmentally Friendly Technologies

This paper focuses on the use of environmentally friendly technologies by the automotive industry in order to manufacture hybrid vehicles that will enhance sustainability. The use of traditional vehicles in the transportation system as well as motor racing should be reduced to minimize environmental degradation The traditional conventional vehicles have been under spotlight because of […]

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CRM Technologies

Customer relationship management or CRM is software application for companies which is “designed to automate customer interaction strategies, in particular, to increase sales, optimize marketing and improve customer service” (Telecom CRM By Forum Mobile, 2012). The CRM software sector is one of the fastest growing segments of the computer software industries. Competition among companies providing […]

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Computer Aided Manufacturing and Measuring Technologies

Introduction Automated manufacturing refers to a mode of manufacturing that relies significantly on computerised control systems for running production equipment. In automated manufacturing, there is no need to employ human operators on the manufacturing floor and the assembly line since the automated system has the capability of managing both mechanical procedures and scheduling manufacturing tasks. […]

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The Caperton-Papert Platform

The initiative and drive for change has been existent over the years. The drive for continuous changes in the environment and the system has paved the way for new concepts and ideas to emerge. With the rapid transformation of technology, it has led the education and other sectors into doing things and processes with relative […]

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Littlefield Technologies

Round 1 of Littlefield Technologies was quite different from round 2. We started the game with no real plan in mind unlike round 2 where we formulated multiple strategies throughout the duration of the game. Starting off we could right away see that an additional machine was required at station 2 to handle the dual […]

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Alternative fuel technologies

Oil and petroleum products have been mainstay of world’s economic and technological advancement since past 150 years. The mechanism driving the entire transportation system from automobiles, airplanes, railways, ships to space rockets is based on utilization of energy of petroleum oil. Petroleum products are also extensively used in a number of infrastructure industries that form […]

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