Technological Trend

Executive Summary:We are in the era where the organizations are the most inventive social arrangement of our age and of civilization. It will be spectacle to know that hundred of thousand of people with highly individualized background, skills and interests are coordinated in various corporations to pursue common goals. The main prospective of this study […]

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Technological Rationality

Technological rationality is the dehumanization of the masses and the individuals through capitalist systems. The dehumanization is performed through regimentation or standardization of all aspects of life. The instance of technology gradually makes life predictable, uniform and routine. Such system ultimately results in a society, in which there is uniformity in social behavior and life. […]

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Technological Innovations

Technology had been defined as the usage of organized tools, techniques and methods that follow a systematic procedure. The term is both used as a general term or in specific references for example medical technology, electrical technology and construction technology. Technology has continued to affect human beings in many untold ways and will continue to […]

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Technological Determinism

Technological determinism means technological changes in a positive or negative way. Technological determinism is the notion that technologies will inevitably change a society and its basis of different values, virtues, or vices. Social determinism is a theory that proves the superiority of the society over person’s nature and thus, over the behavior. According to this […]

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Technological Convergence

In the past decade, we have encountered many articles and documents focusing on the need to bring together major players in the technology segment to come up with ways of building a ‘giant’ that would drastically change the perspective in telecommunication via the Internet. This paper presents a detailed overview and anatomy of what technological […]

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Technological Advancement

In the recent world the technological advancement has a great impact on the film industry. Basically, there has been an upgrading in various aspects including the Internet and Computer Technologies that had a profound influence on film making companies such as Hollywood. In addition, technological advancement has made it possible for the film industry to […]

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Modern technological advancements

Modern technological advancements coupled with good disinterment policies have been pointed out as some of the remedies of negative effects of floods in floodplains and other areas. This research study critically examines modern disaster and emergency management strategies designed to control flooding negative destructions in US. First the study has established that installation of advance […]

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Technological strengths and weaknesses

In this section four airlines chosen from four different regions of the world are analyzed based on their Political, Social, Economic and Technological strengths and weaknesses. In the times of steeping fuel costs, recession in economy and rising security threats, the commercial airlines have been the ones that are hardly hit.

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Advantages of Having a Cellular Phone

My cellular phone changed my life. It is no longer inconvenient and expensive. Also, it helped me boost my academic status. Last but not least, it assists me during emergency situations. Allow me to elaborate further…

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