Interprofessional team-working: what makes teams work well

The article evaluates the role of positive communication and culture in healthcare environment and benefits of teamwoking. The research is based on data obtained from the team working in the north-east of England. The hypothesis is that teamwork is one of the most important aspects in modern healthcare which influences their performance and profitability. Interprofessional […]

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Organization Behavior

Q1) Before talking about the elements, in my opinion, Professor Richard Hackman view on this case included all the four types of teams, which are problem-solving teams, self-managed work teams, cross-functional teams and virtual teams. In general, Hackman believes that most of the time teamwork does not provide more effective performance than individual work does. […]

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Storytelling and Leadership

Storytelling can be an effective management tool for corporate leaders. Through the use of stories to illustrate successes and /or failures, the corporate leader is able to transfer or communicate knowledge to his members, and make the organization that he leads one that is constantly learning and working with him.Louise Brooking’s book Corporate Memory(1999) presents […]

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Team Success and Failure

A team is a group of people coming together to collaborate. This collaboration is to reach a shared goal or task for which they hold themselves mutually accountable. A group of people is not necessarily a team. A team is a group of people with a high degree of interdependence geared toward the achievement of […]

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Eli Lilly: The Elvista Project

1.What is a “heavyweight project team” and how does it differ from the traditional approach used for organizing projects at Eli Lilly? Their traditional approach was much less organized and personal. Heavy weight teams at Eli Lilly were setup so that specialized individuals would work on one project (as opposed to several) led by a […]

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Defining Roles and Responsibilities in the Interprofessional Team

According to Barnsteiner (2007), “The work of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and others has clearly demonstrated that when healthcare professionals understand each others’ roles and are able to communicate and work together effectively, patients are more likely to receive safe, quality care” (p. 144). There are many good practices to consider when evaluating the […]

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Can Absence Make a Team Grow Stronger

The article describes case studies which show high productivity of teams working remotely in different locations as opposed to those that work in one location closely together.  This is dependent on a strong team leader who from a distance takes on and implements the managerial tasks of the team. But not all projects and work […]

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David Fletcher Case

In order to have the research analysts operate as a team and not just a group of individuals, Fletcher needs to establish a clear team strategy as well as a complementary hiring strategy. His first immediate step should be to define the organizational structure and the composition of the research analyst team. It would be […]

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