Corporate Financial Reporting and Taxation

Computation of TaxTax has been and still remains the key source of government revenue. This is generated from small scale firms, private and public limited and unlimited organizations. This implies that there is mutual existence of the business owners and the government as they all contributes in the state’s development. However, despites the enormous government […]

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A Critique of The Effects of Taxation on Sustainable Development

Research methods is a new terminology any undergraduate could come across and wonder how it might enhance the knowledge and prepare ourselves to place the feet firmly in the academic research world. Research is defined as systematic way of collecting facts and information in order to interpret them with a purpose of identifying a given […]

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XPC Bermuda

In order to understand the situation given, it is extremely essential to be familiar especially with the OECD Model as the case study concerns all the significant topics provided in the Model such as the arm’s length principles, permanent establishment, international business profit and also the double taxation jurisdiction. The first topic that will be […]

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Tax Laws

Table of Contents GENERAL PRINCIPLES & LIMITATIONS Republic vs Cocofed GR 147062-64, 14 December 2001 Elements of a tax; coco-levy as tax FACTS: R. A 6260 was enacted creating the Coconut Investment Company (CIC) to administer the Coconut Investment Fund (CIF) which was to be sourced from a fund levied based upon every sale of […]

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Tax Return Worksheet

1. Even though Gloria is single, her filing status is Head of Household. Why is Gloria able to file as head of household? Gloria is able to file head of household because she is a single parent who lives with and pays more than half of the support for her dependent child. 2. How does […]

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Australian taxation law

1. Introduction According to Australian taxation law, Australian taxpayers could only claim the deductions and rebates (also called offsets) to which they are entitled. S8-1(1) ITAA97 illustrates that the taxpayer could deduct any loss or outgoings which incurred or necessarily incurred in gaining or producing assessable income. In this section, the meaning of “incurred” is […]

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Taxation is a fiscal tool used by governments to raise revenue to fund their budgets. In most countries the taxation system is graduated on personal income so that those with higher incomes pay more. Further, the governments tax goods and services to be able to get income for social projects and finance government expenditure. Gasoline […]

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Campbell’s Confections

Campbell’s Confections often receives requests from individuals to open and manage a new candy store. To help prospective owners, Campbell’s Confections has prepared a guide to provide answers to frequently asked questions. The guide is a resource for preliminary planning—not a replacement for the services of professionals. Tax and legal professionals should be considered before […]

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Taxation in Malaysia

In 1910, Straits Settlements (Singapore, Malacca, Penang) Legislative Council introduce a draft bill for imposing a tax on income, but faced strong opposition from tax-paying public. So, proposal s to introduce income tax were stated as to “fund the Imperial War Expenditure”, not to raise revenue. The public agreed. Then, War Tax Ordinance was introduced, […]

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Providing Tax Advise Case

“Over and over again the Courts have said that there is nothing sinister in so arranging affairs as to keep taxes as low as possible. Everyone does it, rich and poor alike and all do right, for nobody owes any public duty to pay more than the law demands. ” (Judge Learned Hand 1872-1961) With […]

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