The Taliban

At least all governments have had test of terrorism. Terrorists are the first enemies of any public because they cause panics, pain and havoc in any society. Terrorism activities like bombing of embassies, attacking of government officials and civilians through suicide bombings, kidnaps and other violent move have left thousand with injuries and many others […]

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The Taliban

Corrupted with vile training, the Taliban are conditioned from youth to fight for “the cause. ” Supposedly they feel as strong about death as us Americans feel about life, so this leaves me wondering why we continue to try to “bring them to justice. ” How can we punish people who consider death a blessing, […]

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Afghanistan Woman: A Symbol of Worst Kind Oppression

Inequality between man and woman knows no limit and boundaries. In every nation, culture and even religion inequality is prevalent. The harsh reality is that children and women suffer the most. In this modern times of technology and worldwide awareness of human equality, perhaps the most significant and poignant example of inequality to women is […]

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