The classical theory of organizations vs Communicative organization model

There are three theories of organization emerged in the early part of the twentieth century and still permeate certain sectors of organizational life today: Frederick Taylor’s theory of scientific management, Henri Fayol’s administrative theory, and Max Weber’s theory of bureaucracy. The Communicative Organization model is based on the assumption that organizational structure is created and […]

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How can we be free and yet be governed

Rousseau begins his Social Contract by stating that “man was born free, and everywhere he is in chains”. He points out that even those who are masters of others, and might therefore consider themselves free are “no less enslaved” than they people they rule. His intention in this work is to show in what way […]

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Environmental Impact Assesment

1.0 Introduction Knox community college is a co-educational institution located in Spalding, Jamaica It operates four campuses, namely, Spalding, Cobbla, May Pen and Mandeville. The College started with three academic programs: Pre-university Arts and Sciences, Secretarial Studies and Farm Management. Today, there are over fifty (50) programs in a variety of subject areas such as […]

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What does the Faerie Queene, Books 1 and 2 owe to the traditions

In the latter stages of the sixteenth century when Spenser was composing The Faerie Queene, he had a rich heritage of literary tradition to draw from: not only the classical epic poets and ancient philosophers but also more recent Italian epic and the Arthurian legends, told in their fullest form by Geoffrey of Monmouth in […]

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Marxism & Literature

Marx’s primary insight is that our economic being has primacy over our cultural consciousness. Our ideas are neither innate nor revealed but are the product of our social economic activity. For Marx, history is not be understood as the progression of a series of ideas as Hegel argued, but as the record of class struggle. […]

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Photosynthesis is the process by which green plants and certain other organisms transform inorganic compounds to organic compounds. There are primarily two pathways of photosynthesis. One being light reactions, driven by light energy, product of this process is ATP and reduced electron carrier [NADPH + H+]. The second pathway is called calvin-Benson cycle, this cycle […]

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Pathophysiology and the client adaptatio

This case study relates to a client who sustained a pelvic fracture from a road crash. The client was a 29 year old Chinese female who was six months pregnant. The case study consists of three parts: interpretation of the pathophysiology, analysis of diagnostic data, and discussion of medications used to assist this patient. The […]

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How does Geoffrey sammuels portray Tibetan Buddhism

There are always two halves to a whole and for Samuel this holds the key to his fresh approach to Tibetan Buddhism. Dividing the subject into two concepts with each representing a polarity of a shared whole (that being the attainment of ultimate Enlightenment), and classified as that of Clerical Buddhism and Shamanic Buddhism. Recognising […]

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Functinos Of Sleep

In today’s society sleep is absolutely vital, especially considering that our generation gets less sleep than other generations. We’ve added about 158 hours to our year of working time, this is equivalent to a month. Alongside this young mothers with children have an extra 241 from as early as the 1960s plus the British work […]

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The Civil Rights Movements

Clearly, Dr King had a large impact on how the Civil Rights Movement was perceived by other Americans and by people around the world. His ability to speak eloquently and thoughtfully gave him a high profile in the age of television. His speeches during the Montgomery Bus Boycott maintained morale among the local African American […]

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