Gender Differences in Attitudes towards Sexual Infidelity

For many years, evolutionary psychology has studied interpersonal relationship issues to great depths (DeSteno, Bartlett, Saloey, & Braverman, 2002; Grice & Seely, 2000; Wiedermann & Kendall, 1999). The evolutionary model suggests biological influences as a basis of gender difference, without rejecting social forces as a factor in shaping relationship strategies, especially infidelity (Symons, 1979 cited […]

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Prokaryotes and Viruses

1. Eukaryotic cells tend to be complex in nature. They make up the structures of complex organisms such as animals, plants, fungi and protoctista. The name eukaryotes itself means ‘true-nucleus’,1 this is because of the nature of its DNA being enclosed in a nuclear membrane. This leads to one of the features that make eukaryotic […]

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Once terrorists get their hands on weapons of mass destruction

Many argue that weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in the hands of states are essential for peace and security in the world. The question arises due to the fact that it is increasingly more likely that WMDs will be in the hands of non-state actors such as terrorists. This essay will divide the question into […]

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The Effect of Stomata Opening on Plant Transpiration

The purpose of this study is to find the effect of covered stomata on plant transpiration. The experiment was designed to examine the changes in texture of four Devil’s Ivy leaves (Epipremnum aureus) affected by covered stomata and rate of transpiration. One leaf was completely coated with Vaseline gel. The second leaf was coated only […]

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Sonic Arts Repetoire Essay- Poeme Electronique

A composition that demonstrated that it is possible to use electroacoustic sounds in producing a rational piece of music was Varese’s ‘Poeme Electronique’ (1958). This particular piece paved the way for other electroacoustic composers to come in the future, and popularised the electronically-generated style of music for the other half of the 20th century (1900s). […]

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Nazism and Fascism

There has been much debate on whether Nazism can be described as a generic form of fascism. For instance writers such as Tim Mason have disagreed with the view that Nazism is a true form of fascism “I always felt that a comparative dimension was missing from the writing on German fascism, and I thus […]

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To what extent can Pop Music genres be considered

The dictionary defines hybridity as something of mixed origin or composition. This is exactly the definition we can apply to the above question. Within Pop Music there are always changes happening. Genres mould into each other until it is impossible to put a song or record into one definite genre or sub-genre. This is called […]

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Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against The Machine self-titled track Rage Against The Machine was released June sixth of nineteen ninety-two by Epic Records. This cd has ten songs Bombtrack, Killing In The Name, Take The Power Back, Settle For Nothing, Bullet in The Head, Know Your Enemy, Wake Up, Fistful of Steel, Township Rebellion, and Freedom. Band members […]

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For some people science is the supreme form of knowledge

With this question at hand, my aim is to prove whether it is reasonable, or otherwise, to regard natural sciences- Biology, Chemistry and Physics- as the supreme form of knowledge, perhaps for their nature, scope, methods, justification of knowledge and processes when compared to other areas of knowledge. Furthermore, in instances whereby natural sciences are […]

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The Way in Which We Perceive People

This essay will discuss the theories of prejudice and the processes of how it has been involved in people’s attitudes, and how these have changed over the years. It will also look at the theories of Biological, Interpersonal and Psychoanalytic that are the origins of prejudice attitudes and try to examine ways in which this […]

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