Corporate’s Social Responsibility Accounting Beetween Theory and Reality

The growth in environmental accounting research and intersest in the last few years has been little short of phenomenal.For those of us with a long-standing interest in such issues, it is easy to get swept along in the euphoria of seeing environmental issues brought to centre stage in business and accounting debates. Little more than […]

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Sustainability: Sony Group

Sustainability is everything we need for survival that is directly or indirectly affects the world’s environment. Sony Group is the child company of Sony Corporation; they work with electronics, games, and entertainment. We will explore to steps Sony Group took to become more sustainable and influences drove them to go down this path. One-step that […]

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Patagonia – a Dirtbag Business

Q1 – Evaluate Patagonia’s business model. How important to Patagonia’s business model is its environmental position? It all started out in 1957 when Yvon Chouinard–Emeritus and a couple of friends began to make pitons. Nine years later in 1966, Chouinard opened a shop I Ventura, California. To understand Patagonia’s business model, it is necessary to […]

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Sustainability and United Nations Environment

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) is an international institution (a programme, rather than an agency of the UN) that coordinates United Nations environmental activities, assisting developing countries in implementing environmentally sound policies and practices. It was founded as a result of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in June 1972 and has […]

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Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions needed to support us now and in future generations by working to ensure we continue to have the water, materials, and resources to protect us and the environment (“What is sustainability?,” n.d., para. 1). Environmental sustainability should be a priority in every individual’s life, not only for […]

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