Electronic Surveillance

The script describes a video The Family Related Issues and provides an insight on the applicability of the regulations provided under FMLA leave to employees seeking to take leave. The script describes an employee called Tony, seeking to obtain a three-week’s leave, in order to, look after his sick father. Tony looks at his father’s […]

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Do we now live in a ‘surveillance’ society

The concept of surveillance has been defined by postmodernists as being a form of social control whereby individuals are monitored through various agencies e. g. the police, the government, etc. This notion also includes self-policing, which is developed through social norms directing individuals’ cognition and behaviour. Foucault believed discourses endeavour to create order from society […]

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Surveillance Camera Introduction

Smile, you are on a surveillance camera. Walking along a major street and looking up, people will probably see cameras glaring back at them. Perhaps people cannot see them, but they are staying there. In these years, society has seen the rapid proliferation of different measures aiming to prevent or reduce crime. Surveillance cameras have […]

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