Surrealism – artists and techniques

Surrealism, a type of art where peoples dreams are brought to life in paintings, drawings or any other technique used in fine art. It is the unusual images which are expressed by surrealist artists which caught my eye. I decided to use surrealism as my project because of these unusual images, as they are a […]

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Dada and Surrealism Comparison

Freedom has been a word of power and persuasion throughout the ages of mankind. From the beginning of our species and up through the present moment, freedom has been an idea that has provoked very intense feelings among people. Our very own country was predicated on the notions of freedom and liberty. So to believe […]

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Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali has been considered by many to be the father of surrealism, while others have considered the term “surrealism” to be synonymous with Dali as an artistic figure (Bradbury, 1999). This idea of Dali as being the great expounder of surrealism obtains in spite of the fact that other artists (such as Andre Breton, […]

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