The Supreme Court of the United States is the high

est court of the judicial branch of the United States government.Many of the cases that make it to the supreme court are based on rights set forth by the Bill of Rights.The Bil l of Rights is comprised of the first ten amendments to the United States Consti tution, and is what this nation was […]

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Political Science

Both the movie “Separate but Equal”, and the article “ How the Supreme Court Arrives at Decisions” by William J. Brennan, Jr. , shows how the Supreme Court deals with issues, and what it takes for them to come up with a decision. It is a very complicated process because they have to be able […]

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The United States Supreme Court

The purpose of the Supreme Court is to be the main analyst of the United States Constitution. The Supreme Court also makes decisions on federal statutes. The Supreme Court is the final higher court to appeal to when cases have not been able to be resolved through previous court proceedings. The Supreme Court has a […]

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Using Examples, Explain the Difference Between Obscene and Indecent Materials

1. Using examples, explain the difference between obscene and indecent materials. Obscene and indecent both have different meanings but are similar in many ways. Obscene material is described as disgusting or repulsive but indecent material is described as being offensive to the public. Both obscene and indecent can be view differently by the public; however, […]

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Scalia vs Breyer

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia rejects the notion of a “living Constitution,” arguing that the judges must try to understand what the framers meant at the time the text was written. (pg 92) Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer contends that in finding the meaning of the Constitution, judges cannot neglect to consider the probable consequences […]

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