Reverse logistics as an integral part of Supply Ch

ain ManagementTABLE OF CONTENTS 1.Introduction 2 -Why reverse logistics is so important? 2. Body4 3. Conclusion11 References12 Most of us think of logistics as a one-way street. Products are manufactured, packaged, stored in a warehouse, sold, and then shipped off to the customer … end of story. Yet for many logistics managers today, that’s not […]

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Demand And Supply

Every organisation which provides goods or services to fee paying customers must, by its very nature, charge price for that good or service, to pay for its costs, have retained profits for investments and to keep its shareholders happy. In theory, the market price of any good or service is determined by the interaction of […]

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The Role of Technology in Supply Chain Management

Since the integration of technology in SCM, the aviation industry has been able to provide complete customer satisfactory services, which have simplified the customers travel procedures. Apart from that, technology has also enabled many companies to experience an increase in their revenue, utilize their resources maximally, and to be able to counter stiff market competition […]

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Aspects of Army Command Supply

The sustenance of supply discipline and maintenance of accuracy in accounting for property relies significantly on inventories; therefore, these are instruments that are critical to commanders in the execution of their duties and responsibilities. Change of command, sensitive and annual items are critical inventories that should be conducted for efficient supply discipline. Tracking of assigned […]

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Army Supply Command

The optimal resource allocation is the subject to effective programs that implement measures aimed at preventing misallocation, abuse and wastage. The Army Command Supply Discipline Program (ACSDP) aims at illustrating the significance of optimal resource allocation. The availability of the necessary infrastructure and tools for the implementation, organizing, managing and controlling the Command Supply Discipline […]

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Global Supply Chain Management

Xerox is an American corporation that deals in goods such as printers, photocopiers, fax machines and office papers. The success of most corporations largely depends on their ability to fit well in the market place. It is in this respect that proper research be carried out to get to the real issues affecting the corporation. […]

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Disaster Management Using Supply Chain

The term “disaster management” may have different meanings in the business and social world. However, in this report, the term is used in the meaning that is centered on the analysis of ideas and elements that are involved in supply chain practice and the way that disaster management may be implemented in the supply chain […]

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A Review of Supply Chain Problem Environment II

This paper describes the elements in the logistics process of one container of Nokia phones from the shipping dock at the factory to the distribution warehouse at the port of destination. Each element of the logistics process has many options and the paper gives an explanation of each and why one was chosen over the […]

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Supply and Demand

Supply is the quantity of goods or services that a producer wants to sell at a certain price in a certain period time. It is the amount of goods and services that the producer supplies and issues to the market to be sold to the customers. The amount of these goods and services that are […]

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Aggregate Demand and Supply

Just as demand may be defined as a desire as well as the capacity to obtain goods or services, aggregate demand may be defined as a measure of the total desire and ability of consumers to purchase goods and services in a given economy.

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