The Role of Technology in Supply Chain Management

Since the integration of technology in SCM, the aviation industry has been able to provide complete customer satisfactory services, which have simplified the customers travel procedures. Apart from that, technology has also enabled many companies to experience an increase in their revenue, utilize their resources maximally, and to be able to counter stiff market competition […]

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Global Supply Chain Management

Xerox is an American corporation that deals in goods such as printers, photocopiers, fax machines and office papers. The success of most corporations largely depends on their ability to fit well in the market place. It is in this respect that proper research be carried out to get to the real issues affecting the corporation. […]

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Disaster Management Using Supply Chain

The term “disaster management” may have different meanings in the business and social world. However, in this report, the term is used in the meaning that is centered on the analysis of ideas and elements that are involved in supply chain practice and the way that disaster management may be implemented in the supply chain […]

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A Review of Supply Chain Problem Environment II

This paper describes the elements in the logistics process of one container of Nokia phones from the shipping dock at the factory to the distribution warehouse at the port of destination. Each element of the logistics process has many options and the paper gives an explanation of each and why one was chosen over the […]

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Supply Chain Management and Walmart

1.Walmart has a brilliant Distribution System and Logistics Management that helps in maintaining the company’s performance in many ways. The Distribution System procures goods directly from the manufacture, eliminating the intermediaries. They negotiate with manufacturers and make sure that they are purchasing each and every product from them with lowest cost running in the market. […]

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Benefits of a Green Supply Chain

“Man has lost the capacity to foresee and to forestall. He will end by destroying the earth. ” ~Albert Schweitzer Currently, our world is experiencing radical changes in the earth’s ecosystems due to man’s misuse and neglect. Human beings have disrupted the balance between the energy systems and all living species. Therefore, our entire global […]

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Building a Sustainable Supply Chain

Building a sustainable supply chain requires a holistic approach that includes the company as well as their suppliers and their suppliers, suppliers – downstream and upstream. To ensure goals and objectives are achieved, sustainabilty must be a part of strategy, applying measurement metrics solidifies executive level sponsorship. Sustainable supply chains are typically viewed from a […]

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Kentucky Fried Chichen Supply Chain

Released by the Ministry of Commerce hundred catering enterprises standings, Yum topped the list for many years, the turnover of the last three years were 13. 33 billion, 16. 9 billion and 207 billion, far ahead of second-enterprises, but also its old rival – McDonald’s global fast food far behind boss as the main subsidiary […]

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Russian Example of Bullwhip Effect

Actually, the easiest way to find an example of bullwhip effect is to talk about Procter & Gamble where they found disturbing and often inexplicable variations in supply and ordering figures on diapers, despite a relatively stable demand from consumers. And the company even saw that variability increased further when examining its own orders to […]

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The Defination of Supply Chain & Stock Management

Generally, the supply chain is a marketing channel of distribution beginning with the supplier of materials, extending through the manufacturing process to the distributor, retailer and ultimately to the consumers. Every process of the supply chain is just like a network; they work together to control, manage, improve, and design the flow of materials from […]

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