A review and summary of the first three chapters o

f Howard Zinn’s APeople’s History… The Zen of Zinn: A look at the first 3 chapters of A People’s History of the US Dr. Howard Zinns A Peoples History of the United States might be better titled A Proletarians History of the United States. In the first three chapters Zinn looks at not only the […]

A review and summary of the first three chapters o

f Howard Zinn’s A People’s History… The Zen of Zinn: A look at the first 3 chapters of A People’s History of the USDr. Howard Zinns A Peoples History of the United States might be better titled A Proletarians History of the United States. In the first three chapters Zinn looks at not only the […]

Executive Summary is being organized as a global Internet shoe store that is focused on reducing the overall price structure, in addition to enabling customers to make knowledgeable decisions about footwear will also attain a competitive edge by offering services such as website development and e-commerce, which have become essential for any business presence. […]

Stephen Coonts flight Of The Intruder: Summary

Stephen Coonts “flight Of The Intruder”: SummaryStephen Coonts’ “Flight of the Intruder”: Summary This week I read Flight of the Intruder by Stephen Coonts. I read from page 1 to page 437 for a total of 437 pages. The book is about an A-6A Intruder (a naval bomber) pilot named Jake Grafton. In the first […]

ISU topic summary petroleum

CHEMISTRY ISU: REFINEMENT OF CRUDE OIL My ISU will focus on Petroleum, a complex mixture of hydrocarbons that occurs in the Earth in liquid, gaseous, or solid forms. The term is usually restricted to the liquid form, commonly called crude oil, but as a technical term it also includes natural gas and the viscous or […]

New Developments or Research in Genetic Cloning: Summary

New Developments or Research in Genetic Cloning: Summary Since genetic cloning is a very wide topic, the focus of my paper lies mainly on the new discoveries which might be beneficial to human beings. The focus of the first section of the paper is on the various cloning techniques geneticists use nowadays. They techniques included […]

Summary of the Gun Control Debate

Since the days of the pioneers of the United States, firearms have been part of the American tradition as protection and a means of hunting or sport. As we near the end of the 20th century the use of guns has changed significantly. Because of fast and steady increase in crime and the fight for […]

Hamlet – Plot Summary

Hamlet – Plot Summary Act 1 Scene 1 The scene is the Castle at Elsinore. Bernardo relieves Francisco, at about midnight. Marcellus who joins Bernardo in the watch along with Horatio who was told of the appearance the previous night. Horatio believes it to be a illusion until it appears. You learn that the ghost […]

The Experience Machine: Summary of Robert Nozick’s ‘Thought Experiment’

Robert Nozick was an American philosopher who put forth the “Experience Machine” scenario in his book Anarchy, State, and Utopia. The “Experience machine” is one of the best known attempts by Nozick to refute claims of ethical hedonism; by imagining a choice between a simulated reality and the everyday reality. The essay will summarize Robert […]

Summary of “Tempest” by William Shakespeare

This is a summary of the play Tempest which was authored by William Shakespeare. The play is challenging the reader senses and self consciously. The play is about Prospero who has been living with his daughter Miranda for the past 12 years. The story is based on the journey with a ship from a royal […]

Summary of Dai

Various literatures have been developed by scholars to identify the correlation between democratic institutions in various countries and the compliance levels to international agreements and treaties. Importantly, scholars have come with different stand points with some affirming the correlation and others finding no correlation at all. This article is considered one of its kind as […]

Play Summary

A Streetcar Named Desire is a play written by American playwright Tennessee Williams in 1947. The action of the play takes place after World War II (in the 1940s), in New Orleans (Louisiana). It opens in a flat of a young couple, Stella and Stanley Kowalski. The ground floor apartment of Kowalski is in a […]

Summary of Dye Technology

Manufacturing of textile products accounts for a great percentage of current industrial applications. However, such industries effect environment in a negative way. The chemicals emitted during these textile industries’ production processes are toxic and some of them become non-controllable once disposed into water. Such industrial enterprises cause massive water pollution. This calls for creating a […]

A playbook for Strategy, Summary

A playbook for strategy 11/14/2013 The article discusses the five essential questions at the heart of any winning strategy. The author believes that answering these five questions can define and create a successful strategy of an organization, no matter what type, size or context it is. The first question asks after the winning aspiration. Most […]

Life Signs – Poem and Summary By Mahapatra

?LIFE SIGNS Violence the day dims. When I open and shut my mouth the darkness chokes inside. The sad light pushes against a bullock-cart-driver’s whip which rests in a corner of the corridor, safe from the black pressure of dragging ribs. a country total solar eclipse It was the drawn-out cry of day that left […]

Alicia My Story Summary

Alicia My Story Summary 3}’ Investigators my Story Summary In the memoir “Alicia my Story’ written by Alicia Appleton Juryman is an amazing ‘ask about how a Jewish girl named Alicia who tries to survive living in a area where :he German occupation was. In doing so she saved lives of some of the Jewish […]

Language Techniques Summary

Abstract nouns – You cannot physically touch (mental process’) e. G thinking, dreaming, sad Verbs: * Verbs are a doing, being and having word There are two types of verbs * 1. Weak (Regular) * 2. Strong (Irregular) Adverbs: * Adverbs modify a verb * Adverbs change verbs * Adverbs usually end in “LB – […]

Executive Summary Executive

Executive Summary Executive Summaries are much like any other summary in that their main goal is to provide a condensed version of the content of this report. The executive summary is usually 10 % of the word count of the whole report . CLC CLC Executive summaries make a recommendation(analysis to strategic perceptive) Accuracy is […]

Executive Summary

Executive summary This report provide a analysis, and the meaning and influence of organizational culture. We as a group selected a local organization Lankan Hospital (Pet) Ltd. We analysis and research the organization using a methods of visiting the organization,have a friendly talk with the employees and talk with top management peoples. Result of our […]

Alcohol Summary

Alcohol Summary The topic that is being studied is alcohol dependency. While investigating alcoholism my research question is can different treatment from different statically testing help with abstinence or does the alcoholic need treatment in a hospital setting. The research and design is used to aid the alcoholic to be alcohol free by using percentages […]

Business Across Cultures Summary

According to the text, Business across cultures by Fond Trampers and Peter Williams, cultures can be observed as being three-layered. The first layer consists of explicit features that can be easily identified: Clothes, food, language and similar tangible attributes. The second layer is more difficult to observe but is still relatively easy to get familiar […]

Summary Analyse and Response ” from Fighting Words”

Fighting Words In his essay “from Fighting Words” Richard Wright wrote about words used specifically to incite violence. Wright was interesting to discover what was hiding in this written Indictment from H. L Mencken that lot readers In that moment disagree. In relation to Wright words can be used as a powerfully weapon. Wright demonstrated […]

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