Crime Rate and Substance Abuse Among Juveniles

When a juvenile is under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or both, he may be more apt to perform certain activities that he would not necessarily do if he is not under the influence, such as comit a crime. While under the influence, a juvenile may comit a crime because of the state of mind […]

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Substance Abuse Prevention

Substance Abuse Prevention Community Assessment The community that we have chosen to assess is Springfield, Missouri. Springfield is located in Green County in Southwest.According to the USDC, Bureau of the Census in 1999 the population estimate for the Springfield Metropolitan area was 308,332. The annual population growth rate is 1.8% for Springfield. This is compared […]

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Swinburne’s defense of substance dualism

a) Swinburne’s defense of substance dualism proceeds in two stages. First, he surmises that an external observer’s knowledge of the events occurring to persons’ “bodies and their parts” would not be enough to make reasoned arguments as to “what happens to those persons who are (currently)” living and sapient human beings (Swinburne 146). Hence, Swinburne […]

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Exploring the Psychology of Young Substance Abusers

Bennett, Miller, & Woodall (1999) published a study on substance abuse among college students. The researchers sought to examine the patterns and correlates of drinking, binge drinking, underage drinking, and substance-related negative consequences over a period of three years. The study allowed for an examination of changes in use patterns over the specified period of […]

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Adolescent Substance Abuse

According to the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse (NHSDA), in the year 2000 (based on survey completed with approximately 70,000 persons), approximately 8.9% of youths from age 12 to 17 had used inhalant drugs (e.g. glue, shoe polish, Toluene, gasoline, lighter fluid) some time in their lives and 46.6% of Americans aged 12 years […]

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