19th Century Music Study Guide

He often wrote some nationalism pieces such as a Mazurka that sounds like a Polish folk dance. He kept composing music until a few months before he died of tuberculosis. His music is made for solo piano. Wagner – (1813-1883) A German who was a very controversial composer. His operas often included social and political […]

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Psychology Study Guide

Psychology Study Guide Chapter 4 Vocabulary Identification Be able to define the following terms from Chapter 4 Vocabulary Initiation Rites – Ceremonies or rituals in which an individual is admitted to new status or accepted into a new position. Puberty – A time period of mixed abilities and responsibilities in which childlike behavior changes to […]

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World Cultures Study Guide

Describe and be able to identify all the elements of culture: social organization, customs and traditions, language, arts and literature, religion, forms of government and economic systems 7. Why do people form governments? Explain the differences between a democracy, a republic and a dictatorship. 9. What are the three basic economic questions? 10. What are […]

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Study Ethics

Why study Ethics Perhaps the most straightforward answer to this question is that we, as individuals in society, face ethical decisions all the time. Having an ethical framework to draw upon, with a system of rules and principles to guide us, will help individuals when they are confronted with difficult decisions involving moral issues. As […]

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Guidelines for Effective Team Building

Management Theory Case Study# 2 This case study paper will consist of my (5) five guidelines for team building. The criterion suggested below was developed after a review of course materials, online research and of course my own personal experience on this topic. I have endeavored to include with my five guidelines a brief explanation […]

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Exam study

World History- Ms. Cornell Exam # 1 1 . The European intellectual movement that emphasized the responsibility of government to protect people’s natural rights was called the A. Glorious Revolution B. Reformation C. Enlightenment D. Great Awakening 2. The phrase “natural rights” is original to and central to the writings of which philosopher? A. John […]

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Dell Latitude Study Guide

This will then bring up a small window. From here you can customize certain settings, but for a more thorough customization you can click on the icon of the track ad. Here you can further your customization on how your track pad works and functions. You can turn the eraser head stick and the track […]

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Guide to Good Oral Hygiene

A Guide to Good Oral Health for Persons with Special Needs continued Some Common Dental Problems To follow is a list of some common dental problems, what they mean, and what to do about them. Bad breath: Most causes of bad breath are related to problems of the mouth. Poor oral hygiene, gum disease, dry […]

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Geology Study Guide

Terms and People to know Amino acids- pairs in DNA: Cytosine with Guanine and Adenine with Thymine Archie- DNA- Dona’s double structure allows replication Dust Bunnies- Unfamiliarity’s- laws of nature have not changed over time Snow line- Trace Fossils- Ozone- Steamrolling- Planet Embryos- Roding- Prokaryotic cells- last universal common actors, heat-loving, heterodox Cascara Point, Scotland- […]

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America Pagent Study Guide

Individual Activity: (10 Minutes) – After test, students will read National Geographic article on excavations of Romance Island Group Activity and Discussion: (30 Minutes) – Mysteries in History – The Lost Colony of Romance. Each Group is given the task to historically debate/ prove one of the provided theories of what happened to the colonists. […]

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Citing a Discussion Posting and Study Notes

Study Notes: Citing a Discussion Posting and Course Study Notes in APA Style NOTE: The links in this document are not active. Citing a Discussion Posting in APA Style If you want to cite a colleague’s Discussion posting, follow the guidelines in chapter 7 in the APA Manual. Note, however, that authors of formal writing […]

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Foundations of Education Study Guide

FOUNDATIONS OF EDUCATION: TEST #1 :: study guide :: • Examples of socialization responsibilities that have been shifted from the family to the school in your lifetime? -Sex Education -Moral Values -Dress codes • How easy it for us to change our basic value? -It’s not easy and it’s almost impossible because by the time […]

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Exam 1 Study Guide

Based on – Auditing & Assurance Services: A Systematic Approach (7th edition) EXAM CHAPTERS: 1, 2, 7, 18, 19, 20 and 21 EXAM REQUIREMENTS: – Closed-book exam (no text, notes, etc. ) – Limited to 90 minutes – Pencils and erasers (no calculator required) EXAM POINT DISTRIBUTION: Total Points 150 (50 Multiple-Choice questions) By Chapter: […]

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Final Exam Study Guide

Accounting 211 Study Guide for Final Exam Chapters 7 – 12 Chapter 7: 1. Terminology Accounting information system People, records, and methods that collect and process data from transactions and events, organize them in useful forms, and communicate results to decision makers Accounts payable ledger Subsidiary ledger listing individual creditor (supplier) accounts Accounts receivable ledger […]

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Ap Biology Study Guide — Online Activities Chapter 16

AP Biology Study Guide — Online Activities Chapter 16 The Molecular Basis of Inheritance First read through the chapter while looking for references to figures. When you come to them stop reading for a second and study what each figure has to say and show, then continue reading. I can’t stress how important it is […]

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World History Study Guide

1. American revolution caused by refusal to pay taxes impose by British. French revolution caused by food shortage and high taxation on the 3rd estate. Both revolutions, the revolutionaries wanted protection of private property and no taxes 2. New liberal movements emerged and nationalism was introduced during radical phase of french revolution. 3. Need for […]

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Accounting Final Examination Study Guide

ACC/561 Final Examination Study GuideThis study guide will prepare you for the Final Examination you will complete in the final week. It contains practice questions, which are related to each week’s objectives. In addition, refer to each week’s readings and your student guide as study references for the Final Examination. Week One: Financial Reporting and […]

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Cht 4 Study Guide

Reading Objective: Chapter four Civil Liberties and Policy Objective 1: Understand the constitutional basis of civil liberties and the Supreme Court’s role in defining them. 1. Define the term “civil liberties. ” The legal constitutional protections against government. 2. What was the most important difference between the Supreme Court’s decision in Barron v. Baltimore and […]

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Battle of Wounded Knee Apush Study Guide

Populists: Grew from the Farmer’s Alliance Free and unlimited coinage of silver and gold at 16:1 ratio Increased circulating medium (no less that $50 per capita) Graduated income tax It was big in the 1890s (major electoral victories) Several members of the House of Representatives and the election of 1 U. S. senator Against monopolies […]

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Law/531 Final Examination Study Guide

1. What makes a publicly held corporation different from a public corporation? a. 0 A publicly held corporation has had an IPO, and has many private shareholders rather than being a corporation owned by a governmental entity. b. 0 A publicly held corporation is entitled to limited liability, but the public corporation is not. c. […]

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A-201: Financial Accounting Study Guide

Chapter 1 Financial Accounting A system through which managers report financial information about an economic entity to a variety of individuals who use this information for various decision making purposes. The process of identifying, recording, summarizing, and reporting economic information to decision makers. Managers of Companies Must Understand 2 Things: 1) Economic Consequence Perspective: Considering […]

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Acct 201 Finals Study Guide

ACCT 201 – FINALS Study Guide Ch. 1 – 3 questions ? Conceptual 0 1 discusses: deals with an expense anything and everything -> effects 0 2 change tells you where the change is deals with earth: A = L + O/E goes up & down 0 3 Revenue recognition ¦ On what date is […]

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