Contemporary Organizational & Human Resource Management Studies

HRM (Human Resource Management) is an approach known to be coherent and strategic in the management of an organization’s most important, so as to say, assets- the people working there who individually or collectively ensure that the aims of the business are met (Reynolds 1997).. Human resource is known to have replaced Personnel management as […]

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Research Topics in Counselling Studies

One of the basic tenets of qualitative research methods, which is the primary tool used in psychological researches, is the attempt to understand and represent the experiences and actions of people as they encounter, engage and live through past and present situations, without the strict quantifications and standardisations that characterise the quantitative research paradigm. Thus, […]

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Data Collection

Obtaining data is the most important part of research studies since the data forms the basis upon which arguments are founded. Appropriate measures should be taken in the choice of data collection procedures to employ, defining the type of data to collect and how the data will be analyzed. Research findings in educational institutions enables […]

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Bambi’s Effect on Disney Viewers

In 1942, Walt Disney transformed the book Bambi into a full-length animated film with overwhelming response from viewers. The plot focuses on a young fawn that has to cope with growing up after his mother is shot by a hunter in the woods. Gostin (67) describes the event as “one of the most disturbing death […]

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African Studies

The second largest continent of the world is Africa, which is superseded by Asia. In the world, consideration of the most heavily populated continent has also been given to the Africa.  In this regard, all the African states are comprised in the federation of the African Union. However, Morocco has not been included in the […]

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An Interdisciplinary Approach to American Studies

James Horton and Lois Horton co-wrote the book, A History of the African American People: The History, Traditions & Culture of African Americans, from an interdisciplinary perspective. Horton and Horton address the question of how African Americans find their social identity as both Africans and Americans.

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American teen-agers have shown an increase in substance abuse since 1992.  In a 1997 report by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), 22 percent of eighth-graders, 39 percent of tenth-graders and 42 percent of 12th graders reported using an illicit drug in the past year.  Adolescent drug abuse does not just affect the individual.

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American Studies

“The Interesting Narrative” is the autobiography of Olaudah Equiano who was the famous African Writer in the 18th century. Actually, the paper contains not only biographical sketches about famous person, but also desire to put an end to slavery.

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Inductive Bible Study

Anyone can read the Bible, but it’s another thing altogether to read it for all it’s worth. To get the most out of the study of God’s Word, one must utilize a method that ensures integrity in the interpretative process. Such a method would allow the reader to come away from the text with an […]

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