Short Story Interpretation

The story is introduced by describing the appearance of the day. The writer explains how soothing the day appears, pointing out some features like the sky and also the air and giving them a description that subsequently builds up a picture of the reader with regard to the setting of the story. This given scenery […]

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Expectations Story by Katherine Boo

This paper presents a summary of the book “Public Administrations Concepts and Cases, ninth edition by Richard J. Stillman II”. It establishes why the author decides to use “Expectations” as the title of the story. In addition, it elucidates how these expectations influenced the final outcome of the reform agenda. Moreover, it looks at why […]

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Havering Cup Champions

My name is Calum Green and I am a hard-working student of 10Fr. I have recently performed my GCSE drama piece, that I took a year early, which I will also be doing in mathematics. I am currently part of the Year 10 Council and represent my year in the School Council. I feel I […]

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Patrick Munro

It was a sunny day, ripples waving the long grass in pulses across the fields, the shrieks of joy and merriment came from children over the hill in the barn. It was my fourth birthday, I was now oldest in my preschool; South Grange, and I therefore demanded the most respect. My mum had taken […]

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It was a cool spring day in early April

Excitement was filling the air that traveled around by the fingertips of the breeze. John was walking on the busy streets of Boston, wondering and observing the beautiful clear sky. “So beautiful,” he thought, “nothing can be more beautiful than this…” He then froze. All he could see was a gorgeous woman of about twenty-five […]

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Two Hours Stargazing

Cursing the bite of morning from atop his throne, as it prickles at his vulnerable ears, he pulls the collar of his jacket tighter, just to feel it retreat further down his neck, cowering from the cold. Senseless fingers withdraw up into folds of unsympathising` polyester, as toes wriggle feebly in his trainers, in a […]

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The Bearer

Actually his feet and the rest of his remains, encased in his best clothes, a rather cheap wood coffin with pretend brass decorations, (family choice) are now six feet vertically below my own. I have just carried to his final resting place a man I never knew and had never seen prior to viewing his […]

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Miss Jane and I

This article was quite useful in understanding the creation of Gaines’ character, Miss Jane Pittman. Many notable sources believed that Miss Jane was a real-life character due to the in-depth characterization and reality based events that affected the life Miss Jane. Gaines takes credit for the creation of all of the events that Miss Jane […]

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Shadows Story

She leaned against the window of the car and felt the cool glass on her forehead. She felt the steady drumming of the raindrops against her temples through the glass. She saw the raindrops bounce off the cobbled streets and she saw herself in them. She saw them scatter into pieces as they hit the […]

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A Single Female’s Comfort

But… I do want friends who I can sit and talk with every other day. I have my sister but we’re like day and night. There are times when I want my phone to ring knowing it’s one of my friends calling to invite me out. This Friday night seems like a nice opportunity to […]

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