The Tragedy

Rob was cycling along a pleasant country road – at least it had been until it started to rain heavily. He had left home two days ago for a short holiday. He felt that he needed a break from his regular employment, which was teaching children. Rob was about 35 years of age and enjoyed […]

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Can everyone fasten your seatbelt because we are encountering

So he fastened his seatbelt with deep anticipation, shaking as he did so. Bang!!!! , the left engine had blown up, it was bellowing with smoke, there were blood curdling screams masking the engines loud noise. The air masks dropped down from the ceiling. Bouncing As he looked out of the splinted window he could […]

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The story of Little Acorn

The sun was rising on the early spring morning and there was an air of freshness about the small village of Little Acorn. The long grass was dancing in the slight breeze and the ground was jewelled with dew. Butterflies fluttered playfully amongst the bright new blossom and the crickets were chattering away. The morning […]

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On the second of December 1987 something magical

The angels rejoiced as a certain king among kids came into the world. Since that beautiful day so long ago the kingdom still hasn’t arrived, but I’m absolutely sure that it’s on its way. For now here are my memories. Three years had passed since my birth and things had taken another turn for the […]

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Ryan’s eyes lay on the floor

Bleakly he laboured his vocal chords; “We gotta see Dave ’bout ‘process’,” his eyes rolled to mine, “be amazed.” His enthusiasm was not encouraging for only my second day at work. Ryan opened the door, intent on getting me in the office first; he then apprehensively followed. I surveyed the room; it was decorated in […]

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Patchwork Guilt

His eyes were not locked on anyone or anything in particular, but to all those around him they seemed to be fixed on the floor in front of him. The piercing sound of the lawyer’s voice resounded throughout the courtroom, tearing apart the remnants of his hope. He couldn’t see a future in front of […]

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Built to last

‘Just listen to the clatter of that. Uncle Pa you must get a new motor’, said a demanding Mark. ‘Shut up Mark, this is a piece of quality engineering by the daddy of motors himself – Henry Ford’, said a sarcastic Uncle Pa . ‘The daddy! Are you trying to get with it Pa’, said […]

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The Ant Farm

Kevin was no ordinary teenager. He was nothing like the other sixteen year old boys’ at his school. He did not see the point in going to wild parties, getting unbelievably drunk and violently throwing up in the bins outside McDonalds. Kevin much preferred to sit up in his bedroom watching the developments in his […]

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The Deserted Street

“I hate you, I hate you! ” I cried as I ran out the front door. What was the matter with them, why did they always argue? My parents’ relationship was hanging on a thin thread. Every few nights I heard the shrieks of anger and remorse. I just stood there, I watched them, and […]

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The Enchanted Woods

The high-speed turning wheels of the carriage creaked as it began to stop. Standing directly outside of the corroded carriage was an old daunting mansion; It had rasping steps, broken window shutters, and was deserted, the mansions appearance sent a shiver down the spine of anyone that set eyes on it. An old man, referred […]

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