The story of Hamlet depicts the flaws of human nat

ure vs. actions of man. Hamlet did not use his intellect to decipher what made people do the things they do. Shakespeare was well known for his manipulation of people’s thoughts and actions. When the story opens on the funeral of Prince Hamlet father, Hamlet. We have the first sight of how confused Hamlet is […]

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The Hidden Story In Green And White- The Great Gat

sbyThe Great Gatsby Symbolism Essay The Hidden Story in Green and White Color symbolism is really popular in novels written during the 1920s. One such example is Scott Fitzgeralds novel The Great Gatsby. There is much color symbolism in this novel, but there are two main colors that stand out more than the others. The […]

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Funny Short Story

The Scourge Of The Galaxy The pretty researcher walked up to the shack where he supposedly lived. Wendy had heard many stories about the scourge, but she had never seen him for herself. He was a local legend, and she had decided to do her thesis on this obese male. She knocked on the cheap […]

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Alice Munro’s short story, Boys and Girls, has a

Alice Munro’s short story, “Boys and Girls,” has a very interesting detail written into it. The narrator’s brother is named Laird, which was carefully chosen by the author. Laird is a synonym for lord, which plays a important role in a story where a young girl has society’s unwritten rules forced upon her. At the […]

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Pirate childrens story

Some called him a pirate, some called him a scoundrel, and some said he was the devil himself! His name was Jack and he had been a sailor and an adventurer for a long, long time. His body carried the scars of a hundred sword fights, a map of the marvelous travels he had, a […]

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West Side Story

In 1961, West Side Story, a filmed version of the hit Broadway musical that was inspired by William Shakespeares “Romeo and Juliet,” was released to viewers, who just could not resist the energy and excitement of the movie. Thirty-eight years later, viewers, like myself, still cannot resist it. I had never seen the film, which […]

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“Trifles” and “The Story of an Hour”

“Trifles” by Susan Glasspel and “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopin have a common strong theme based on marriage. Both stories show that the females have lost their identity in marriage. “Trifles” focuses on a woman, Mrs. Wright, who is suspected to have killed her husband, Mr. John Wright, under unclear circumstances. On […]

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“The Story of the Door”

The Story of the Door begins with a graphic portrait of Mr. Utterson, a fine gentleman and a lawyer whose mannerisms can be called rather peculiar, but typical of the Victorian epoch. Though, he was reserved and somehow boring, darling of sort of all who interacted with him as he never abandoned those whose social […]

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The story of Baucis and Philemon

The story of Baucis and Philemon is one of the most compelling Greek myths of an old couple who receives reward for their compassion to strangers. People rejected and turned the strangers away, until the moment they went to a place where they where they receive a warm welcome by an old couple. The strangers […]

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The Story of an Hour

Kate Chopin conveys an alternating theme of grief and love in The Story of an Hour in a fascinating but a peculiar authentic manner more than any other literary work I know about. Through Mrs. Mallard, Chopin expresses grief and emotional dilemma surrounding the speculated death of Mr. Brently Mallard in a tragic railroad accident […]

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The Story “Hills Like White Elephants”

“Hills Like White Elephant” is a story whose plot is set at a train station in Spain against the dry and hot hilly background. The two characters, American and his girlfriend Jig, engage in a seemingly controversial conversation as they drink beer in a nearby pub before they catch a train heading to Madrid. During […]

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The Story “A Good Man is Hard to Find”

In the short story “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” by O’Connor, the grandmother who is the central character in the story comes out as a person who is self centered. She does not listen to the other family members’ suggestion but wants them to follow her opinions. She wants her family to go […]

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“Story of the Eye”

The novel “Story of the Eye” by Georges Bataille is outrageous and beyond the pale in my opinion. It crosses all the lines of decency until there is no line at all left. There is a lot of anti-social behavior in several instances throughout the book. Exhibitionism refers to the urge to expose ones private […]

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Short Story Writers

A chilly morning indeed it was, the wind briskly swept through the forest causing the leaves to bend gently to let it pass. On the bridge stood a man, motionless, as if cast out of stone, he looked down into the waters that violently smashed upon the rocky banks, several feet below. The wrists of […]

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Poem and Short Story Exam Questions Review

Question 1 In every stanza of this poem, Donald Justice introduces an image that differentiates men at forty from boys. In the first stanza, Donald uses the image of a door, and he says that men at forty close doors softly, when they do not intend to return. This means that they leave these places […]

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Candide`s story

Candide’s story reflects misfortunes that befell a young man in his pursuit of happiness. Pangloss is a rich man who takes in his nephew, Candide, into his magnificent castle and lives with him. At the castle life seems to be at its best as he learns from his host that the “world is the best” […]

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A Comparison Of The Story Of An Hour

Kate Chopin’s “The Story of An Hour” depicts the life of Mrs. Mallard, who has just received the news of her husband’s death in a train accident. Instead of being aggrieved, however, Mrs. Mallard is relieved because her husband’s death frees her from his domination. However, it turns out later that the information about Mr. […]

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The Pianist: The Extraordinary True Story of One Man’s Survival in Warsaw

“The Pianist” is a book of memories, written by a famous Polish musician and composer Wladyslaw Szpilman about his life in German-occupied Warsaw in the period of 1939 to 1945. His entire family, including his parents, two sisters and brother, were killed by the German occupiers. The first publication of this book entitled “The Death […]

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The Dreary Story

This story highlights the daily, perceptions, feelings, relationships and attitudes towards the society, death and life of Nikolai Stepanovich. Stepanovich, is University professor of medicine, married to Varya, with two children; Liza and an officer son who serves at Warsaw. In addition to these, Nikolai has Katya whom he adopted from his colleague who passed […]

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The Behavior Shown Against the Jews in the Blima Story

The twentieth century witnessed some of the worst hostilities that have ever been witnessed in the history of human beings. It was also during this time that weapons of mass destruction were developed as people sought to beat humanity out of each other. There were two World Wars that were fought, the Cold War, the […]

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Short Story Interpretation

The story is introduced by describing the appearance of the day. The writer explains how soothing the day appears, pointing out some features like the sky and also the air and giving them a description that subsequently builds up a picture of the reader with regard to the setting of the story. This given scenery […]

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Expectations Story by Katherine Boo

This paper presents a summary of the book “Public Administrations Concepts and Cases, ninth edition by Richard J. Stillman II”. It establishes why the author decides to use “Expectations” as the title of the story. In addition, it elucidates how these expectations influenced the final outcome of the reform agenda. Moreover, it looks at why […]

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