Ferdinand Magellan was born in 1480, in a stone fa

rm house in Portugal. His father’s name was Dom Ruy Magellan, and his mother’s name was Donha Alda De Mesquite. His father was a Portuguese nobleman and owned a large amount of land. He was also a sheriff, an honorary position awarded for distinguished service to the crown. Ferdinand’s brother was named Diago De Sousa, […]

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Tribute To Matt Stone

Word Count: 3668Episode 201 – Not Without My Anus Icons provided by Christopher Pirillo at Just South of South Park AdvertFXApplet provided by Secret Sid South Park Announcer:Since the last South Park you’ve waited four long weeks to find out who the father of Eric Cartman is. Now, finally, the shocking truth about Cartman’s lineage […]

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A Thematic Analysis of Raymond Carver’s Neighbors

A glimpse into the lives led by other people may give insights on what makes them tick, what makes them appear the way they do. More often, it is in the nuances and details that one may observe a greater truth, rather than the manner by which people choose to present themselves. In Raymond Carver’s […]

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