Short essay examples

The Langley Brothers Inc

The Langley Brothers Inc has a business in Kansas and has decided to sell the stock at no par that Is worth $1 million. The stock is only going to be sold in Kansas and the chairman of the board Joseph Langley, one of the brothers, does not want to register with the Securities and […]

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Martha Stewart

1. What was the basis of Martha Stewart’s reputation? In term of financial reputation, it will be on market share and stock price.2. Why did MSO’s stock price decline due to Martha Stewart’s loss of reputation? Due to Martha’s fame and recognition of her show, many people therefore invested their money in the company. However, […]

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Inventory System

Time is very important in every people especially when we do our job. We have done all at the correct time so that we can meet the quota of the company every day. It is difficult in doing all things manually particularly when you’ve lack of time to do this, like counting the number of […]

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IPOs Performance

Investment would imply the employment of funds with the objective of realizing additional income or growth in value of investment at a future date. Investment choices are found to be the outcome of three different but related classes of factors like factual, expectation and valuation. Financial investment is an exchange of financial claims like stocks […]

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Finance Case Study

The following case provides an analysis of six publicly traded stocks for the purpose of determining which amongst them would be prime candidates for a portfolio in terms of optimal return. Specifically, this paper discusses what options should be written or bought and exercised on the qualifying stocks to maximize profits. In order to accomplish […]

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Cooper Industries, Inc

1.If you were Mr. Cizik of Cooper Industries, would you try to gain control of Nicholson File Company in May 1972?2.What is the maximum price that Cooper can afford to pay for Nicholson and still keep the acquisition attractive from the standpoint of Cooper? [Treasury Bills yielded 5. 6% in May 1972.]3.What are the concerns […]

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Functions of the Stock Market

Private companies who are no longer capable of financing itself, meaning its owners no longer have any private sources to fund their ventures and expansion projects of the company, frequently sell securities such as bonds and stocks in the security market. Most of the time companies rely on investment banks, organizations that help them find […]

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Owens Corning Fiberglass

In the scenario given, without an alternative, OCF probably has to initiate changes in its capital structure to drive off hostile takeover attempts from Wickes. There are a few a ways the capital structure can be changed, i) recapitalize by retiring equity with debt (swap), ii) simply assume more debt, iii) issue more shares, or […]

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Ben and Jerry’s Case

After reviewing the Ben & Jerry’s Case Study, by Nan S. Ellis and Lisa M. Fairchild, we have determined three possible options for Ben and Jerry to choose from in regards to the Unilever buy-out offer or merger with Dreyer’s and/or Unilever. Since, Ben and Jerry’s has distribution problems inhibiting the company’s growth, our options […]

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National Exchange for Automated trading

The NSE trading system called National Exchange for Automated trading (NEAT) is a fully automated screen base trading. It is online and nationwide trading system. It adopts the principle of an order driven market. In this system a member can punch into the computer quantities of securities and prices at which he likes to transact. […]

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Stock Valuation

1. How much should you pay for the preferred stock of the Dakota Doorknob Company if it has $100 par value, pays $8.50 a share in annual dividends, and your required rate of return is 10 percent? 2. NDV Corp.’s common stock is expected to pay a $2 dividend, which will grow at a compound […]

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Numeric Investors Answers

1. Briefly discuss the two momentum strategies of Numeric Investors. First approach – Based on past changes in analysts’ estimates, where they would cluster their forecasts of company earnings, and would revise their earnings estimates incrementally instead of big jumps. This would force analysts to update their estimates and would make consensus estimates move up […]

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Bombay Stock Exchange

The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) (Marathi: Bombay ?hare B?za?r) (formerly, The Stock Exchange, Bombay) is a stock exchange located in Dalal Street, Mumbai and is the oldest stock exchange in Asia. The Bombay Stock Exchange has the largest number of listed companies in the world, with 4990 listed as of August 2010. As of December […]

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Shareholders Rights

Majority shareholders own more than half of outstanding shares in the company whilst minority shareholders own less than 50% of the share capital. Majority shareholders are usually also the directors of the company. They in effect control the operations of the company and their actions may be to their benefit. The law therefore, in light […]

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Netscape Initial Public Offering

This case is about Netscape Initial Public Offering (IPO) in 1995. Netscape had a successful starting in the market mainly because of their strategy of “Give away today and make money tomorrow”, which let them capture 75% of the web browser market, making it the most popular browsing software. The successful strategy consists in gaining […]

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Mis System in Share Brokerage Firm

The capital market in India is entering into the new era of growth, bringing with it new challenges and a host of opportunities. With the NSE and BSE catalyzing the operation, India today has the best stock market trading system in the world. New markets have opened, new instruments have developed, and services have launched. […]

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Stock market

1. In the year just ended, the Madison Badger Memorabilia Company, Inc. , had sales of $465,000. It expects sales to grow by 10% in the coming year, by 8% the next year, and by 6% per year perpetually after that. The company has neither capital expenditures nor depreciation. There is no working capital requirement. […]

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Evaluation of Corporate Performance

In 1994, Jeff Bezos was a 30-year-old hedge fund analyst with a degree in computer science and electrical engineering from Princeton University. It was at this time Bezos decided to put his business plan in play. Jeff pulled up a file that had the business model he intended to use, which had been write in […]

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