Why did the stock market collapse in 1929

The Wall Street crash took place in the United States of America in October 1929, the US economy shattered and collapsed and the USA entered a long phase of depression, which diminished all the economic prosperity and boom of the 1920’s. To understand how this occurred it is important to understand how a public limited […]

Trends in Stock Prices and Range to Standard Deviation Ratio

The Hurst was proposed in 1951 by Hurst. “The Hurst exponent provides a measure for long-term memory and predictability of a time series.”(Mitra 2011) The Hurst exponent was used in hydrological studies, however in 1991 and 1994 Peters used the Hurst exponent in financial studies. This article studies the Hurst exponent by developing insight on […]

Causes and Effects of Stronger and Weaker Peso

The money and capital markets are at the economic centre of the industrial and commercial world. Both firms and individuals rely upon the efficient operation of these markets for obtaining capital for investment purposes or money to meet their short-term financial needs. Over the last fifty years the operation of the money and capital markets […]

Functions of the Stock Market

Private companies who are no longer capable of financing itself, meaning its owners no longer have any private sources to fund their ventures and expansion projects of the company, frequently sell securities such as bonds and stocks in the security market. Most of the time companies rely on investment banks, organizations that help them find […]

The U.S. Stock Market

The world of security investment is replete with danger and excitement. The exciting part of course is connected to the millions of dollars that could be gained at the hands of skilled operators such as fund managers, stock brokers, and astute private citizens who knew a thing or two about how the Stock Market behaves. […]

External Growth for a Business

Using this example and any others with which you are familiar, assess the potential implications for business of external growth as compared with organic growth. Organic growth is when a firm expands its existing capacity or range of activities by extending its premises or building new factories for example. External growth however is when two […]

Krispy Kreme Case Analysis

Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Inc is facing a crisis of a drop in share price like never before since its initial public offering in the year 2000. The situation of Krispy Kreme does not look so bright after it has reacquire the underperforming franchisees’ stores worth of 170$ million. In the end of 2004, the company […]

Sebi Case Study

In 1992, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE),3 the leading stock exchange in India, witnessed the first major scam masterminded by Harshad Mehta (Mehta) Analysts unanimously felt that if more powers had been given to SEBI, the scam would not have happened. As a result, the Government of India (GoI) brought in a separate legislation by […]

Stock Market Bubble and Herding

Herding is an everyday phenomenon from personal to financial contexts. The focus of this paper is to explore the theory of herding, namely Compensation Based Herding (CBH) and its effect on financial markets. The report aims to explain herding, assess the advantages and disadvantages of CBH incorporating the 2008 financial crisis, and explore the possibility […]

International Factors Affecting Patton Group

Changes in the international economic environment have an effect on the Patton Group in a variety of different ways. Some changes can have quite a large and significant impact. For example, a change in oil prices will have a large knock-on effect on the Patton Group, as they, like every other company in industrialised nations, […]

Technical Analysis on Selected Stocks of Energy Sector

GRG School of Management Studies, Peelamedu, Coimbatore, TN, India Abstract Technical Analysis is a study of the stock market relating to factors affecting the supply and demand of stocks and also helps in understanding the intrinsic value of shares and to know whether the shares are undervalued or overvalued. The stock market indicators would help […]

David Jones Annual Profit Report 2011

After a profit announcement was made by David Jones Ltd, it is the objective of this report to note whether there was an impact of such information on investor behaviour via the share prices of this company. To ensure that the information found was accurate, the effect of the All Ordinaries was taken into consideration […]

Php Brokerage House-a Private Company of Bangladesh

1.0 Introduction The stock markets market consists of both primary market and secondary market. There are two stock exchanges in our country Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange. These two are the secondary market of securities. The stock markets have been growing significantly from last couple of years. Despite the global economic recession, the […]

The Dow Jones Industrial Average

Charles Henry Dow, Edward Davis Jones, and Charles Milford Bergstresser in a small basement office at 15 Wall Street in New York ( In May 1986, editor of the Wall Street Journal and founder of Dow Jones & Company, Charles Dow, first formulated and published the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) as an indicator of […]

Stock Market Crisis in Bangladesh in 2010-11

1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background Stock market is a very important financial institution in Bangladesh which opens doors for companies to raise huge amount of capital from a lot of individuals inside and outside of a country. Here investors participate voluntary to buy ownership of a company in the public market. In these days investing in […]

1987 Stock Market Crash

This paper contributes to the overview of U. S. Stock Market Crash of 1987 and it explores the major causes and effects of this crash. According to the Reuters, the crash of 1987 is included in the top five “major stock market crashes” (Narayana). Let us now define this term itself. Stock Market Crash associates […]

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