ASian American Stereotypes

Through the Eyes of Asian Men Overview Asian stereotypes are a product of prevailing myths propagated by various media, from books, plays, movies, television, to even historical propaganda. Generally speaking, the stereotyping of Asian women often swing to extreme types: the docile, subservient sexual object, or the dragon lady. Asian Americans only make up a […]

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Media and Sterotype

According to writer Stanly Cohen, “Stereotyping has been around for as long as mass media has been around. ” Media considered one of the most important reasons why stereotype is existing in our communities. In the documentary, “The Bronze Screen,” explains how Latino are facing problem in Hollywood in the way films present and show […]

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Information dissemination is very important nowadays especially that we are in the modern times of age where technology is linked with any task.  An idea that is misinformed is very crucial in this kind of new age. This might create chaos or confusion to the recipients of the message. Misinformation is not only the issue […]

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Racial Stereotyping

Have you ever been the target of a good humored joke because of your ethnicity? Racial stereotypes often are the cause of such an occurrence, and most of us have been at the receiving end at some point of time or the other. In this article, we try to understand these stereotypes better and take […]

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Dumb Blondes

Stereotypes are generalizations of individuals or groups of people that may or may not be true. There are stereotypes for all different kinds of people. Most stereotypes can be offensive to the ones they are directed towards because of their lack of validity. However, we live in a world of judgment, so stereotypes will always […]

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