Stem cells: how is stem cell research carried out

Stem cells are a small group of cells found in the umbilical cord of a new born baby, Blastocyst embryos and some organs of the body. Research is being conducted into the potential medical uses of stem cells for growing replacement organs. This research is carried out under very strict guidelines which prevent any exploitation […]

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Stem Cell Culture: Review of Current Trends in Research

The stem cell technology has always belonged to the popular areas of science. With its potential capability to cure any type of disease, there is no doubt as to why it is perceived with such regard. Given that stem cell technology is relatively new, having just begun around the onset of the 20th century, discoveries […]

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Stem Cells Example #2

Current developments in the medicine discipline that seek to improve ways of treating diseases and develop treatment for diseases that formerly had no cure, point towards using stem cells. Stem cells are cells that exist in multi – cellular organisms and have the extraordinary capability of multiplying and renewing themselves by undergoing mitotic division (Greer, […]

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Molecular Genetics: Stem Cells

One of the most interesting fields of Biology today is the field that talks about stem cells. Stem Cells are the body’s master cells that replenish themselves for long period of time via cell separation. They are widely used because of their potential capability in treating various forms of diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, […]

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Pluripotent stem cells

Scientists through their research, have discovered several ways to deal with diseases. One of the major break through is the discovery of stem cells. Stem cells are those cells that can generate all different cell types required in the body. They can therefore be used to replace the abnormal cells or in treatment of injuries. […]

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Stem cells

Stem cell research has been in the media since the day it was discovered. With the potential to cure many patients who are otherwise bound to die of diseases that are currently incurable, of course stem cells would be a big deal. But there are people who believe that stem cell research is a very […]

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