The Stem Cell Research

Stem cell research involves the technology that uses generic cells that can duplicate themselves indefinitely and has the ability to create particular needed cells and tissues such as blood, brain cells, muscle and liver tissue. This research began in the mid-1800s, when it was discovered that particular cells could produce other cells and by the […]

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Stem Cell Research

Now many people are wondering what are stem cells and why Barack Obama has recently spend billions of dollars on its development. The answer is that stem cells are no ordinary cell but are cells that have to ability to literary make and organ or tissue on the body from bones all the way to […]

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Stem Cell Research Example #3

Human embryos, fetuses and adult human beings are sources of stem cells. The significant features of stem cells are that they can renew themselves and also, remain unchanged. Stem cells can transform into specialized cells, which are necessary for the formation of the human body’s tissues and other organs (Hale, Saunders, & Margham, 2005). Stem […]

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Stem cell research

Stem cell research is a process that nurtures and cultivates the stem cells with the aim of allowing these cells to reproduce to other specific body parts, and the goal being to enable development of body organs that would be used to treat diseases through transplant. Stem cells, which were first discovered in embryos, are […]

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Stem cell

It is a very evident that stem cell technology and its application is highly debated throughout the world. One of the main reasons for the fear and resentment from the general community is regarding the creation or production of clones which of course raises so much anxiety as well as ethical concerns. However, it is […]

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The Stem Cell Research Debate

Humans, like all other living things in the world, evolve in order to adapt to its environment. Along the changes brought by evolution is the development of diseases that may be prevented, yet impossible to cure when acquired. These kinds of devastating diseases are the ones that stem cell research addresses and tries to solve. […]

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Stem Cells and Bone Tissue Engineering: Promises and Pitfalls

As the populations of developed rich countries ages, dealing with the degenerative diseases that come with old age has become an increasing challenge for the medical society. For example, it is estimated that the people over 65years old in the United States alone, will double, while individuals over 85years old would quadruple in the next […]

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The stem cell technology

Michael J. Fox, the celebrity-turned-advocate who has been strongly linked to the campaign for the legalization of stem cell research, has raised approximately $35 million for the duration of 4 years, in order to support research efforts on Parkinson’s disease. He established the Michael J. Fox Foundation which is currently the second biggest funding agency […]

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Stem Cell Research Example #2

A stem cell is defined as a cell whose work in the body has not been determined. Stem cells have the ability to divide and specialize into various types of cells in the body. Every single cell in the body of an organism emanates from stem cells and that is why they are named stem […]

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Stem Cell Research

This research involves how an organism grows from a single cell and the replacement of worn out cells in organisms. Stem cells are unique kind of cells that have the ability to grow and develop into other types of cells. Their purpose is to rebuild the body by dividing and each newly formed cell may […]

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