Steel Workers Trilogy: Labor Dispute Resolution

In many labor disputes, labor arbitration is seen as the more convenient way of settling conflicts within the confines of the work place. What has been dubbed as the most known labor arbitration issue decided by the United States Supreme Court was handed down in 1960, collectively known as the “Steel Workers” trilogy cases (James […]

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Steeltown, USA

In this richly disturbing look into American deindustrialization through the lens of Youngstown, Ohio, authors Sherry Lee Linkon and John Russo explore the diverging visions that shaped and defined the role of industry through representations of labor, landscape, and community life. The memories of Youngstown’s inhabitants and workers illustrate the different class conceptions in an […]

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The Hazards and Occupational Safety Concerns

Before the turn of the 20th century, Europe experienced the full impact of the Industrial Revolution that began a century earlier. It was a time of great technological advancements and one breakthrough led to another until a chain reaction of events transformed European societies into manufacturing hubs that are able to manufacture products at an […]

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Material in Portal Frame

In this section, materials which can be utilized in this portal frame structure will be discussed. Each material advantages and disadvantages will also be discussed. Since the world of construction nowadays have been favouring environmental friendly material in construction with the lowest cost possible, this section will also discuss about the benefits of each material […]

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Air Conditioner Report

The use of concrete blocks in buildings construction decreased natural ventilations in the structures. The situation was worsened by house designs in urban areas where there were small spaces left for air waves. This lack of ventilation and variations n weather patterns necessitated a gadget that would keep rooms at suitable temperatures for human comfort. […]

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