Personal Educational Philosophy Statement

The essay is my personal Educational philosophy statement. It is worth noting educational philosophies are what dictate purposeful activity in curriculum development. Philosophies help individuals in making rational and sound decision because at any given time, we are faced with multiple choices in which it is very important for me to have very clear understanding […]

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Financial Statement Analysis

A financial statement is an official record of the financial actions of a business. The financial statements enable a business to set up the results of the operations it carries out over a given period of time and also helps the business to determine its worth at a given date. The financial statements are mostly […]

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Statement of Leadership

I believe that leadership, particularly in the early childhood environment, should have the potential to transform lives and social order. Therefore, besides leaders possessing the right traits to lead others toward realizing common goals, it is important for the same leaders to have specific modes of operation, which will enable them to effectively guide others. […]

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Vision of Tata Motors

“What’s the vision statement of Tata Motors? ” T. J. asks. “And how did they come up with it? ” The vision statement of Tata Motors Limited, India’s largest automobile company, is to be “best in the manner in which we operate, best in the products we deliver, and best in our value system and […]

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Statement of the Problem

In a private talk, Susan Epstein, one of the female financial analysts, hinted that sexism was one of the problems in the company. She confessed that she was happy to have a female person in charge. This statement clearly indicates that gender issues might have hindered group dynamics in a company in a certain ways. […]

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It was discovered that Stumacher did not follow the professional guidelines and standards laid down by the professional bodies governing the audit of financial statements, when he undertook the job of auditing Video’s financial statements – for the fiscal year 2002 and fiscal year 2003. The depth to which he did not follow the guidelines […]

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Business: Mission Statement

In this case, how does The Body Shop address the four components of social responsibility? In the Body Shop, what tensions among these components were at work? Legal- the Body Shop avoided animal testing and used all natural ingredients to avoid any lawsuits. They knew the products were safe since people have been using them […]

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Preparation and presentation of a case in court

It is essential that the client be properly proofed at the earliest opportunity. A detailed and complete statement of facts should identify the strengths and weaknesses of your case. It’s important to know that some clients often have a desperate need to tell you their whole story, in their way. Often it is easier – […]

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After the Garden

The article tells about gardens and its significance in today’s modern society. It describes how much people today are engrossed with cybernetics, and how they hang around and spend more time in so-called “non-places”. It also relates the author’s concept of “place” and contests that somehow, among advanced economies, gardens have been undervalued, even labeled […]

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Personal Statement

I am a 23 year old lady trained in law. I graduated from Suffolk University in May, 2006 with a major in Paralegal. I would like to get into a law school to further my studies. In the four years that I have been a student at the university, I got a part time job […]

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