Separation between state and religion

One of the most common questions asked about public prayer is whether or not it is legal to hold it in a public school. It depends on the type of prayer we are talking about, and who is doing the praying, since people are usually talking about organized classroom prayer, often led by a teacher. […]

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Violation Of State Accountancy Act

RIVERSIDE CPA PAYS $25,000 PENALTY FOR VIOLATING STATE ACCOUNTANCY ACT Hartford – Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz’s office announced today that the Connecticut State Board of Accountancy has accepted a settlement agreement with Michael Smeriglio, a certified public accountant (CPA) from Riverside, Connecticut, practicing in Greenwich, which requires Smeriglio to pay a $25,000 civil […]

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The Voice of Non-State Actors

Policies are the guiding principles adapted by an individual, group of people, or governments. Policies can be divided into several groups according to their action period. Some policies are formulated for the short duration while others are designed for strategizing purposes for long-term use. Administering new order in developing nations is prone to massive challenges […]

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The Rise of Terrorist and Non State Actors

Statement of the problem: Terrorism has hit many nations on a global front. Nations always engage in many wars against terrorist acts and many policies are always set to counter terrorists. The main issue that affects nations is that they have inadequate diplomacy towards terrorism. This means that they are less prepared to face such […]

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State of the Union

The President of the United States made his annual state of the Union address on Tuesday, February 12, 2013. In his speech, President Obama outlined his priorities for legislative action and plans for the Americans while addressing a joint session of the Congress. He called for an increase in the minimum wage and expenditure on […]

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Orientalism and Saving US State Identity after 9/11

Meghana’s ‘Orientalism and Saving US State Identity after 9/11’ brings into focus the relevance of ‘orientalism’ as a tool to redeem the image of the US after occurrence of 9/11 attacks. Nayak claims that the US is engaging in gender and racial violence as a means of renewing its lost identity. She also claims that […]

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Welfare State

Christopher Howard’s book on The Welfare State Nobody Knows provides a challenge to various half-truths and myths that surround the United State’s social policy framework. The American social welfare state provides a light imitation of the truth concerning the welfare states in Canada and Europe. Howard reviews the nature of scholars and philosophers who are […]

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Welfare State in the United States

A welfare state is a model of government where the state provides for the total well-being of its citizens. The state plays major roles in the protection and promotion of the economic and social welfare of its citizens. Welfare state is based on the principles of equality of opportunity, equitable distribution of wealth, and public […]

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The Executive of National and State Government

Since the mark of independence, the central government of the United States of America has emerged from a weak and powerless entity into a strong centralized government to what we know today as the Federal System. In an attempt to amend the Articles of Confederation in need of a more powerful central government, the Fathers […]

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Classical Liberalisms, State, Capitalism, and Libertarian Philosophies

Introduction Noam Chomsky has been working in linguistics for a long time. Noam is widely known for strong critique views on the American government and the leadership styles employed. He has also been in the front line on the liberation process of the objectives based on socialism. Noam has also been giving views on anarchism […]

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