Causes of Conflict in Sri Lanka

In 1948, Sri Lanka granted citizenship to those who were either born there in Sri Lanka or those fathers and grandfathers were born there. As a result, many Indian Tamils found themselves stateless. Though India tried to solve the problems, many Indian Tamils continued to stay stateless in the 1980s.In 2003, Sri Lanka passed the […]

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Sri Lanka Entering Into Free Trade Agreements

Sri Lanka is a known country for the trade during the ancient and medieval times. Its native high quality products such as Gem Stones, Ivory and Spices have gained popularity not only the neighboring countries like India, China & Persia (Present day Iran) but also in ancient Kingdoms such as Greek & Rome. Facts of […]

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Causes of Ethnic Tension in Sri Lanka and the Defeat of Tamil Tigers

Communal violence in Sri Lanka can be traced back to at least 25,000 years (Jonathan Spencer, 1990). The communities at conflict are of Sinhala Buddhist and Tamil Hindus. 65,000 people have lost their lives in the fighting to date and over a million have been displaced (hweb, 2006). Sinhalese being the majority community, denying the […]

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